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 [Related Image] This spell was awarded to Team 4 of Series 2 by Merlin in Level 3. SLEEP was cast later in the quest on a dragon, neutralising its threat (in a way suggested by the spell's name) and enabling the dungeoneer to proceed.

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The state of not being awake was experienced by several Knightmare characters, including:

Wall monsters: implied on a number of occasions that they slumbered when out of sight and dormant (a word which is from the Latin for sleeping, dormiens). Golgarach's first words were a demand to know who had disturbed his sleep.

Giant: Passing Series 1 dungeoneers were an impediment to his sleep.

Gibbet's first words were a response to having his sleep disturbed by Team 3 of Series 1 and their LANTERN magic. Moments later he had ended their quest, proving that sleep deprivation can be deadly.

Cavernwights: Snoozed when they thought there was no one around, and passing dungeoneers were advised to keep it that way.

Merlin: Fell asleep after encountering Team 4 of Series 2. In Series 3, he was summoned by Team 6 in the middle of a sleep, and appeared wearing a nightcap. Also during S3 Treguard revealed that Merlin usually sleeps during temporal disruption. Merlin asked Team 3 of Series 4 a riddle about "Nature's sleep"; had they given him the correct answer, hibernation, they would have earned a spell to induce the state in Ariadne and save their dungeoneer from the spider.

Lillith: Woken by Team 4 of Series 2 with a bell.

Mildread: Woke from a (pretend) sleep when Team 9 of Series 2 arrived in her chamber.

Series 2 dragon: Mogdred ordered it to "awake and slay" Team 4 of Series 2 - who duly cast a SLEEP spell on it.

Grimaldine: Slept in his chair during the 7th Series 7 quest; then in came Barry, so it was hardly going to last.

Troll: As encountered by Team 4 of Series 7.

Smirkenorff: Found sleeping by Team 5 of Series 8, who woke him with a horn, and by Team 7 of Series 8, who called his name to wake him.

In the Knightmare books, Treguard's sleep brought him dreams that gave him valuable insights into the challenges he was facing. In The Sorcerer's Isle, he acquired a sword from a dream, naming it after Greek mythology's god of sleep, Morpheus. (SEE: Breaking the fourth wall.)

During The Sorcerer's Isle gamebook, the player must interrupt a journey through the Forest of Freneville to get sleep.

In The Quest For The Dragon's Egg, the player's success depends in part on not waking the dragon of the title.

In The Future King, the quest ends when the player finds the sleeping baby of the title.

In The Labyrinths Of Fear's gamebook section, it is possible for the player to acquire a sleep spell called DREAMS from Velda.

The Fortress of Assassins gamebook features sleep dust as a clue object. It can be tried on a number of characters, including a crone who has already fallen asleep (as a possible consequence of having taken Mellisandre hostage.)

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