KM Today - A Small Xmas Gift

As 2007 is the twentieth anniversary year of the Greater Game, we've put together a little comedy vignette. Part-based on the Greater Game, but really parodying the old History Today sketches by Newman And Baddiel from the early-90's, we (not-altogether) proudly present KM-Today, a highbrow discussion of the most sophisticated intellectual rigour, stimulating critical fervour, and mature, in-depth, controversial analysis.

Oh yes, and lots of bum gags.
Small disclaimer: Let us stress that this is a very, very rough recording, and the mixing was a bit of a hack job, so please don't expect too much from it. Certainly the sound quality is low, but at least it's something new...

Oh, and you know a very drunk, and very happy Christmas/Chanukah/Holidays/Winterland? That's your Christmas/Chanukah/Holidays/Winterland, that is. Hopefully.

Download it here...

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Dr Bert Merlin..........Martin Odoni
Professor FJ Hordriss.....Ruzl Odoni

Production written and mixed by Martin Odoni
Theme music ('Clairmount') composed by Vincent Varco.