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Famous for Retreating

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Some two-and-a-half years in the making, Famous For Retreating is the first audio play based in the universe of the Greater Game of Luck and Glory.

Set approximately three years after the conclusion of the TV series, the play adds substantial development to one character who only got to appear in a few episodes, and also explores one of the central characters, giving him a new origin, while explaining the transitions that led to his emergence.

This play is completely free to download. Right-click on the appropriate links to the left and Save As...

Also in the pipeline is a complete remix to be released on CD. Again, copies will be entirely free-to-obtain. To order a copy, please go to Contact Details and email me a postal address I can send it to.

Feel free to copy and distribute this play to anyone who you think might be interested in hearing it, but please do not make any modifications to it without consulting us first.

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