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  Day Time     Server  
Friday 8:00pm Port 6667
Saturday 8:00pm Channel #Knightmare
Sunday 8:00pm    
The chat room operators are the people responsible for ensuring your time using the chat room is an enjoyable one and hassle free. If you've got a problem then get in touch with one and they'll do their best to sort it.
  Nickname Role



Illusion Admin. Illusion has become his namesake. Illusion no longer visits the chatroom as he is far too busy with life. However, he is responsible for creating the chat room and thus is ultimately its owner, but an owner whom has left control in the hands of those who frequent it. Nic's crowning glory is, of course,, which he has recently left in the hands of Mystara, who is slightly less enigmatic due to the fact he actually appeared in Knightmare.
Forester IKM Admin. The devil himself, expect no mercy from this sadistic demon. Conform to his dictatorship regime and you may even curry favour. Forester no longer "runs" the chat room per se, but keeps a watchful eye over it to ensure it remains accessible and sorting out little technical blips. Annoy him and he may even reboot the server just to piss you off.
Pooka Chat Room Owner. Having floated in and out of the Knightmare community since its seedling days, he threw the rest of his life aside a few years ago to champion its cause. To prove how sad he actually is, at the beginning of 2008 he took command of the chat room, and has been subjecting its other residents to his bad jokes and pathetic one-liners ever since.
Deputy Chat Owner. Darren has far too much experience in dealing with IRC and used his scary powers to influence Pooka into making him a member of the OP team. Since he can be a ruthless, heartless man in his nicest of moods, he is a perfect candidate to moderate the chatroom, and runs this bitch when Pooka's away.
Chat Operator. Having been a member of the community since the tender age of 11, Billy has grown up with Knightmare running through his veins to the point of his now being combined with it. Once a crazy, energetic boy without restraint, he owned the chat room for a considerable amount of time and has matured into a collected, balanced indvidual tinged with not-yet-lost innocence.
Getting Connected
In order to connect to the chat room you'll need an IRC client. Click on the clients option on the menu for a page with appropiate information on this subject.

The chat room bots are computer programs designed to perform duties such as logging conversations and providing entertainment.
  Nickname Role  
Caei Caei is an eggdrop running bMotion, introduced into the chatroom by Forester when there was a lapse in activity. A bisexual female named by Pooka, Caei has a false AI and stores a strange collection of pieces of information which, for some reason, have forced her into an addiction to pie.
Cypher An extremely silent bot (though not unknown to talk), Cypher sits in a quiet corner and logs everything that is said in the room. Beware anything unscrupulous you say, as Cypher will notice it and use it against you for sure!
Jobe Our oldest bot, Jobe was written some time ago by Neil Jones, who continues to maintain poor Jobe, who has so many functions that he has been used and abused by the chat's residents systematically. It's even become something of a ritual.

In the beginning
There was light and the Knightmare chat room started on a humble Sunday evening in September '99 as a place for lonely folk to gather and talk about their favourite TV show. UKChat provided a little MS Chat Java client from which everyone could get together. Then on Saturday nights people began to participate in a little Knightmare game now known across the globe as Adam Battersby's RPG. However, an evil man known as Forester who had a red glow in his eyes seized power and took the chat room on a little journey. Soon the chat room ended up on some server and made a little nest on webchat. For some reason, which I can't remember very well, it then moved again. Anyway, it's now settled and no matter where it should go on its journey into the future you can always access it from the same address and interfaces provided on this site.
What happens there?
A group of regulars, semi-regulars and completely bizarre visitors gather to chat about anything that they feel like talking about. Yes, Knightmare is still mentioned from time to time, but the room has been running for many years and all there is to be said has been said more than once. Often, remakes of popular TV shows are played within the chat room (some of the more popular having been Deal or No Deal and Catchphrase, both with Knightmareisms). Casual chat is usually the order of the day, however... at least, that's the idea.
Read the provided help page. If that doesn't solve your problem just ask anyone in the chat room with a &, @ or % by their name, e.g. @Forester. I have no doubt that someone will be able to solve your problem so long as it's not a mental one. Information on changing nickname, performing actions and using colours is provided in the help section.