Yes, Dungeon Master

A new Dungeon Master has been elected to the border keep of Dunshelm, and he has a very profound item on his starting agenda; reform. He plans to streamline the way that the castle is run. In particular, he wants to reduce the size of its staff and payroll budget. However, it does not take him long to discover that his agenda will face a lot of opposition from within the castle itself, and that includes opposition from officials who are well-placed to scupper his ideas.

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Production notes


Russell 'Ruzl' Odoni as Treguard Myatt
Jake Collins as Sir Hordriss T. Appleby and Supporter 1
Andy Marshall as Bernard Folly
Helen Becconsall as Majida, The Commentator and Supporter 2
Matt Richings as Merlin

Rosey Collins as The Descender
Martin Odoni as The Returning Officer and
The Throne

Running time approx 52 minutes.
Script written by Martin Odoni.
Theme music ('Chef Cisko') composed by Jeanette Clement, and distributed by Productiontrax.
'Rule Britannia!'(c)  composed by James Thomson & Thomas Arne (1740).
Other sound effects provided by Soundrangers and The Freesound Project.
Production mixed by Martin Odoni.
Aditional sound editing by Andrew Kenny.
Also thanks to Robin Barlow,
Alec Downs, David Forester, Sue McPherson and Ricky Temple

Yes, Dungeon Master
takes ideas and situations from the Greater Game of Luck And Glory, and melds them with the ideas of Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, as seen in the BBC comedy series Yes, Minister (c) and its sequel Yes, Prime Minister (c).