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1. The Adventurer’s Adventure
Fanfic inspired by Knightmare's original opening title sequence (used for the first three series). It was written by Gary Day, a.k.a. #37 Herbie on the Discussion Forum.
 [Related Image] Three years earlier, David (Drassil) had started a thread about the "troll-like creature" behind bars in the animated sequence, speculating upon its identity and the reason for its imprisonment. Theories included Moana Liza's suggestion that it was Pickle, as it had pointy ears - an idea seconded by TomDread. He later proposed an alternative title sequence for Series 6 onwards, in which the cartoon knight is seen dodging dungeon dangers, meeting "the elf in the window" and eventually retrieving the Helmet of Justice whose image adorns his shield.

In October 2006, Gary replied to Tom's post with his own vision of what might follow the original titles:
 [Related Image] "The mounted adventurer has attained squiredom and is on a quest to attain knighthood. As he has completed his task for squiredom he does not have to wear the helmet of justice but instead has it as a symbol to remind him of the lessons learned on his successful quest in Knightmare Castle's Dungeon. Instead of the standard way into the Castle he has to take the more risky route, which is the title sequence for Series 1-5. Afterwards this adventurer enters a new dungeon where he must battle foe and act in the most chilvalrist of manners in order to acquire Knighthood. His quest could be for a more sacred artifact (Perhaps an old tomb of knowledge) or a more standard quest (Rescue the Maiden, Quest of Sword/Shield/Cup/Crown etc) but is a lot more devious. Perhaps this is the adult Knightmare version we are looking for?
Anyway, he enters the dungeon and encounters a pooka :( and is killed straight away. I know, it kinda sucks (I built the momentum and everything) but he wasn't a very good adventurer really! Better luck next time hey!

When Tom started another thread asking "what do you think happens after the Knight goes through the portcullis?", Gary was again the only fan to take up the challenge, this time writing a full-length story about the adventurer. He posted four installments on the forum, detailing the squire's journey through Level 1, before The Eye Shield fanzine was suggested as a perfect home for the tale. TES subsequently published the entire script in six chapters from January to November 2007, with an added prelude before the start of the quest.
 [Related Image] With the exception of the "quick death" ending, the story remained as Gary first described it. The protagonist, known only as 'the Adventurer' until the final scene, is considered by Treguard to be "possibly the bravest of all the dungeoneers to have completed my Dungeon". To prove himself worthy of knighthood, he must now travel to the Castle of Chivalry (as seen in the opening titles) and conquer Mogdred's dungeon. His quest comprises many familiar elements such as solving riddles and puzzles, choosing clue objects, using spells and potions, and facing perils from every season of Knightmare, often with an increased difficulty level - though Treguard is able to offer the occasional hint remotely. He is also required to demonstrate his skill in combat, taking on such creatures as goblins, hobgoblins and ogres. The Adventurer's chosen mission is to free the prisoner he saw on his way up the mountain, and a spyglass scene reveals the reason why Mogdred has captured an elf. Other characters include Marta, Brother Strange, Cedric, the Boatman, Merlin and Hordriss.

This cleverly devised and well-written fanfic boasts a surprise ending as its pièce de résistance. In the words of Jake Collins, "there is yet one twist waiting to knock your socks off and believe me, they'll fly so far that you'll be searching for them for weeks!"

Links to each chapter can be found here.

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