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1. grapes
Juicy edible berries that grow in clusters on a vine. Grapes were the second most frequently consumed fruit in the dungeon after pineapples. They were usually found alongside clue objects, and seemed to change colour with each series they were in.
 [Related Image] Black grapes appeared on the clue tables of Series 1. Team 4 found them in Level 2, Team 6 in Level 3. Additionally, Lillith was unwell during Team 5's quest, and mentioned having some grapes that she didn't feel up to sharing with visitors.
 [Related Image] Green grapes were used in Series 2. Team 8 found some in the Level 2 clue room and Team 12 found them in Level 1.
 [Related Image] In Series 5, Team 3 picked up some grapes in Level 1, while Team 4 and Team 6 found them on the clue tables in Levels 3 and 2 respectively. Team 7 came across two bunches, both in Level 2. The grapes seen in this series were red.
 [Related Image] Team 1 of Series 6 found grapes in Level 2; Team 3, Team 6 and Team 7 all found them in Level 1. These were mostly green.

Grapes made their final appearance in Series 7, where Team 3 found a bunch in Goth and Team 6 discovered some in the Descender at the end of Level 2 (the only time a food item was ever found in the device). Barry Thorne of Team 7 also appeared to pick up some grapes in Level 2, though he simply described them as "berries".
 [Related Image] The 2013 revival of Knightmare for YouTube's Geek Week included grapes in the Level 1 clue room.

It is unknown whether Troll Wine is made from grapes.

Players of Can You Beat The Challenge are rewarded with a bunch of grapes if they have the correct payment for Lillith. In the Labyrinths of Fear gamebook, some grapes coated in a silvery mould are found growing in a small dank room. They are poisonous to the dungeoneer, but not to Lillith, who will gratefully accept them as a gift.

Rachael Grapes is credited as working on the first two seasons of Knightmare as the original Costume Supervisor.

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