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1. Series 7 links
The purpose of this entry is not to give details of Knightmare Series 7 itself, but to provide links to those Lexicon entries offering information about particular aspects of Series 7.

Actors: Mark Knight, Jackie Sawiris, Cliff Barry

Contestants: David, Barry Thorne, Derek Thorne

Teams: Team 1 of Series 7, Team 2 of Series 7, Team 3 of Series 7, Team 4 of Series 7, Team 5 of Series 7, Team 6 of Series 7, Team 7 of Series 7

Characters & Creatures: Treguard, Lord Fear, Lissard, Brollachan, grayling, Bethsemane, cat, toad, Majida, Grimaldine, Greystagg ("Gwen"), Raptor, Rothberry, Brother Strange, Smirkenorff the dragon, Hordriss (Nigel, "Malefact"), Sidriss, troll, goblin, bookworm, Romahna, Marta, Fidjit

Clue objects: glow-light, Magic Spell (book), Wand of Confusion, Reveal wand, Insight powder, potion, Grimlock, Troll Wine, Healing Potion, Nightsight, Shadow, Dragonsbreath, Stonepower, Goblin Juice, Starclimb, True Seeing, Darkness, Catnip, True Sight, Speedwell, Fireproof, Homer, Freezer, Fast Backwards, spell scroll, arkenstone, cheese, silver, witch hazel, divining rod, horn, key, Detect Trap powder

Locations: Dungeon, Grimdale, Black Tower of Goth, Sewers of Goth, Trial by Spikes/Death of Spears, Cards of Chaos/Play Your Cards Right, Mendacity Engine/firebomb room/sliding floor chamber, Mad Cow, Atlantis, London, descender, Rift of Angar, Academy of Magic, (Castle Acre Priory), (Dragon Hall), (Bodiam Castle), (Fountains Abbey), (Haddon Hall), (Coggeshall Grange Barn), (Coca Castle), (Avellaneda Palace), (Simancas Castle), (Peñafiel Castle), (Alcázar of Segovia), (La Mota Castle), (Montealegre Castle), (Cuéllar Castle), (Kentwell Hall), (Paviland Cliff)


Miscellaneous: scroll, Brollochan, season, triskelion, smart bottom, flight, Greensleeves, Arabic, Pool of Veracity, witch stick rump, barrier of anti-magic

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