Interactive Knightmare
Interactive Knightmare
Season 6 Backlash Welcome to the Season 6 Archive Section of the Knightmare RPG. On this website you will find many sections of interest to do with the overall production of the Knightmare RPG from cast photographs, behind the scenes shots, cast profiles, and maybe a joke or two.

So, off you go, look and read away, and enjoy the marvel of the Knightmare RPG process!
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Tuesday 3rd May 2005
A brand new preview called 'Gabriels Box' is now available.

Tuesday 07th September 2004
New set of interviews uploaded to new section "Inside Story".

Saturday 04th September 2004
Complete set of character profiles now available for viewing. Also available is the very first public preview of some of the blue screen work conducted for creation of "The Automatum".

Monday 17th May 2004
New public Season 6 RPG site. (Under Construction, Surrounded by Scaffolding)