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1. Team 4 of Series 1
From TES issue 28 (July 2004)
 [Related Image] Series 1.
Quest: To survive the Dungeon.
Dungeoneer: Danny Clayton.
Advisors: Nigel, Tom and Mark.
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Home town: Portsmouth.
Team score: 6 out of 10.
Danny's quest was perhaps the most impressive in series 1, even though it didn't quite reach level three.
 [Related Image] Level One: The first room is the usual choice of four doors. Rather than the usual letters or symbols on the floor, however, Folly is in the chamber, making his first appearance on Knightmare. He gives the team a riddle about the four doors, and they have to eliminate the dangerous ones to find the safe path. Once Danny has been guided through the correct door, he reaches the clue room. Granitas is on guard, and the team manage to answer two of his three riddles correctly. Acting on Granitas's advice, the team choose a bag of salt and a Buddha statue from the table, leaving behind a key. A meeting with Lillith follows. The sorceress is impressed with the Buddha, and lets Danny pass through her domain. She also gifts the team the spell ITCH. Danny then finds himself in a monster's stomach, where the salt is used to induce a belch. Danny is burped into the [Great Corridor of the Catacombs], where he is guided through a door with a chalice symbol in front of it. This leads to the wellway room, where Gumboil is on guard. The ITCH spell is cast, and Gumboil is left clawing helplessly at his chainmail while Danny climbs into the well and descends to level two.
 [Related Image] Level Two: Cedric is on guard in the first chamber, and poses his usual three riddles. The team score two, and Cedric rewards them with the spell ANVIL. This is used in the next chamber, where Gumboil is on guard yet again. A giant anvil appears and knocks the knight out, and Danny is able to progress to the clue room. Here he picks up a spell timer, as well as Casper the talking key. The moving keyhole challenge follows, which mainly involves Casper and the advisors yelling instructions at Danny, which he is not quick enough to act on. At last the middle door is unlocked, and Danny moves on to Merlin's study. The block puzzle is completed and Merlin appears on his throne. Danny gives Casper and the spell timer to Merlin, and then the wizard asks three riddles. With all three answered correctly, Merlin rewards the team with the spells ENERGY, FREEZER and FLARE. He also issues the standard warning about Mogdred. Through the Hall of Spears, Danny has a choice of two doors. Folly is on hand to help with a riddle, and he indicates quite clearly that Danny should go right. However, the team argue for a while about which way to turn and end up going left. Danny walks into a [bomb room] and is instantly blown to smithereens.
 [Related Image] Summary: A promising team who were often impressive, but they argued their way to a fatal mistake in the end.
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