Change Nickname Your nickname can be changed with the command "/nick". To change name enter this command followed by the name you'd like. E.g. "/nick myNewName" do not include the '"'.
Send private messages Sending private messages can be done via "/msg". You use it by supplying the name of the person you wish to message followed by the message it's self. E.g. "/msg Joe Hi mate!".

How do I register my nickname?
Registering your nickname is easy, however in order to maintain the registration you must login once every 16days. To register type "/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL" where PASSWORD is an alphanumeric combination of your choice. EMAIL should be set to your current e-mail address and is used for password retrieval.

E.g. /msg nickserv register yesmaster This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Once you have registered you will need to identify yourself each time you login to the chat. This is done by "/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD". Where the PASSWORD is whatever you choose to use during registration. If you use mIRC a script can be provided so that you are automatically identified on each connection.

Now to finally gain a + next to your nickname to show everyone you're a registered user type "!addme". Cypher will confirm to you if you've done everything right.

Why isn't anyone talking to me?
There's probably nobody there to talk to you, check out the schedule on the main page. If you've entered the channel at the wrong time then that's why. Another explanation may be that those who are there aren't there I.e. Doing something else. Finally, well I'm sorry but it might just be that you've not said anything for them to reply to. Don't be disheartend we're mostly a friendly bunch unless it's a full moon.
The Java client won't load, why?
If you're using jIRC then you'll need to accept the security prompt which appears. If it hasn't appeared or doing this hasn't worked then it may be that the JavaVM isn't installed on your machine. You can obtain a copy at
I can't connect!
It may be that the server has gone down or some other issue. Try connecting via the secondary address as well. Usually such issues resolve themselves shortly so try again a bit later and it may work. Don't give up.