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1. Clue Room S123-L2
From TES issue 58 (July 2009)

Series 1/2/3. Level 2.

I really do love the dark, sinister atmosphere that pervaded Knightmare’s early series, drawing Watchers of all ages into the show with a tantalising mixture of fascination, excitement and fear. The level two clue room from the first three series really epitomises that atmosphere for me, not least because it was one room that I always remembered – it almost became a microcosm of the whole of the first three series inside my mind. Yet what is so sinister about a blue/grey chamber with a couple of doors and a table? You may well ask, and I shall attempt to explain.
 [Related Image] There always seemed to me to be a lingering aura of threat in this room, not least because choosing the wrong objects from the table would undoubtedly mean imminent death for the team. The main reason for my own personal reaction to this room, though, is its status as a popular hangout for cavern wraiths during series 2 - I always found these creatures very scary. Even during its ghost-free appearances, the clue room played host to some pretty unnerving scenes – Mogdred taunting Chris I; Hordriss appearing on the wall and laughing sinisterly… even the oracles were a bit scary to me in those days, as was the disembodied voice of Casper the Key.

Yes, ask me to think of my earliest experiences of Knightmare and the clue room is the first thing that pops into my mind. Whether or not you feel the same way about the atmosphere of the room, there can be no denying that it was a very important place in the context of the quest; just think how many teams’ fates were sealed in that clue room. Claire died in the room itself, within the ghostly folds of one of those chilling wraiths, while Tony and Stuart made fatal mistakes when choosing clue objects. Even Simon II could have done without visiting this particular room – that stupid amulet turned him into a star and made maneuvering practically impossible!

So, to sum up, if you want a good old-fashioned bit of Knightmare atmosphere, you need look no further than the original level two clue room!

Difficulty: 4 Several object-related errors were made here.
Killer Instinct: 5 Those hauntings could be deadly, and one of them was!
Gore Factor: 4 That ribcage of Neil’s was quite gory…
Fairness: 9 Should always have been simple enough.

Provided By: Eyeshield, 2009-08-29 08:27:30
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2. Clue Room S123-L2
 [Related Image]

The room familiar to Knightmare viewers as the Level 2 clue room and Oracles' chamber in Series 2-3 is also featured in Spain's version of Knightmare, El Rescate del Talismán, with some alterations to the floor and furniture.

Provided By: David, 2013-02-07 18:38:24
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