RPG Season 4 Cast Photo

Aaarrrggghhh! Cover your eyes for it's the hideous sight of the RPG Season 4 cast. You're probably wondering who they all are, well I'm not going to tell you. What's that? You won't watch the RPG if I don't, very well then.

(Lord Wraith)

Born 25th May 1984
I began participating within Knightmare.com in 1999 but went into hiding during 2000 due to PC health problems.

My main character in the RPG was Treguard, and I had plenty of fun with that. Additionally I played the roles of Lucifer of the artists he is an evil character, although I never managed to get into the role properly as when we did his scenes, we were in one heck of a rush. Also I played Gregale from the 3 winds playing him was like several scenes shot in hell, I was roasting under that cloak, having to do one scene twice was murder, overall he was a fun character to play, but of course my favourite was Treguard, I think me and Forester worked rather well as an on-screen double act.

I am of course engaged to Steph and three others she doesn't yet know about, and I'm a student of History and English. Also I'm a current member of the Blackpool Grand Theatre and have been for 12 years now, in which I'd usually play as Che in Evita. Obviously I like Knightmare, and Formula 1 or anything to do with History. The 6 days I spent with the Knightmare group was 100% enjoyable. Waking up early at 6am in the morning was difficult, but you just got on with things during the day. If the acting wasn't fun enough, the night time was a trully rememberable experience. Sitting down after a long hard days filming and usually munching on some pizza or some..... er well just pizza, and talking amongst ourselves on a large table about current life or the day that had past was a brilliant reward for all the hard work we had put in that day. The best thing about it for me was when we all got together in the room I shared with Steph, Lucy and Gareth too and everyone watched Knightmare series 3 on a TV which insisted on turning everything pink but that is beside the point. We have all been talking about Knightmare for years, but actually getting the whole group together, all sat down (with me munching some crisps :D) and watching the show that brough us together in the first place, brilliant. It was a trully wonderfully week, and we must must MUST do it again soon! I hope you all enjoy the Knightmare RPG season 4, because I certainly had fun making it.

Born 19th December 1983 (The best Christmas present my parents ever had!)
I have been visiting Knightmare.com since I had my own connection in Jan 2001. It was like Steph, one of the first sites I searched for. Since then I have built up a nice collection of Knightmare videos that I watch repetitively when I�m bored!

Participating in this years RPG! It was amazing, probably the strangest way of meeting friends I speak to each night, and yet best fun I have had in many years. The characters I played were: Lance, Sumehree, Merlin, Worshiper, and a few other odd characters and walk ons. Lance was my favourite character to play for many reasons including the drunken scenes which were absolute manic! Lance is very fond of drink unlike Sumehree. Another thing I enjoyed about playing Lance was all the outtakes including the time where Lance and Robin clashed bottles together, it resulted in Robins bottle falling apart in his hand! That was a laugh. It was strange playing the character, there was one thing that slowly developed during the whole process with Lance and that was his accent, I thought it would be a good variant to put on a strong Scottish accent, it just seemed right for that character. Anyway, enough about Lance.

Sumehree was a character who had a strong bond with Robin, he was like a poor, scruffy sober version of Lance. I had to wear some straps on my arms which kept coming lose all the time.

Merlin, �Torture� is all I can say to that! Seriously, playing Merlin really hurt particularly on my face when the time came to remove my beard, I�ll never forget that! The beard was stuck fast, I felt like a patient on an operating table, everyone tugging forcefully at my face made it really sore, it was painful but funny. I could still find bits of glue on my face up until a week after the RPG! All I can say to this is, I hope we are going to have a few winners this year because Merlin only appears on winning scenes with one exception, so please make Merlin happy and think of the poor old guys suffering. One last thing, I couldn�t afford a real magic wand so I had to use a pencil!

I played other characters too, including an old man and the Forgotten which was a very bizarre scene me and Adam attempted! I think I played all my characters well and not without improvisation which was quite necessary in many scenes because there was such little time to memorise the scripts.

I was also quite involved in the technical element of setting up the cameras and lighting with Adam. I am a technical student doing a BTECH in performing arts at Newbury college so this has helped me to gain more technical experience.

Other things I enjoy doing are: Listening to music on headphones loud! DJ�ing for parties, kids usually. In a few years time I would like to be working in theatre or television, both performing and technical if its possible.

Finally good luck and thanks to everyone out there. I have really enjoyed the RPG experience, definitely going again next year. Remember we need winners this year, don�t let Merlin down!

Born 20th April 1979
Well, a long time ago, I remember watching Knightmare like it was a religion. Then after recovering from the post traumatic cancellation disorder, I put it in the back of my mind until late 1999, when I was "working" a year out in a high school, spending most of my time on the net during hours I was getting paid for. At some point, looking for pages on things I enjoyed as a kid, I found Nic's Knightmare site, and spent the next month or so looking through all the stuff he had there, and it got me to purchase some vids from the Trading Post. And a while after that, I visited the Chat Page during Season 2 of the RPG, got into the game, and started making friends in the Knightmare community, and the rest is history!

About myself...I'm known by the Knightmare people for being very tall, Welsh, Goth, and, like Steph, a Witch. My main hobby is story writing, some original fantasy/horror, some fanfiction (mainly based on Knightmare or the Legacy of Kain series). My music taste is quite varied, ranging from Garbage to My Ruin, to Cyndi Lauper, to Cradle of Filth, to Enya, to the Sisters of Mercy. Favourite programmes include Knightmare (of course!), Farscape, and certain old shows like Neverwhere and Earthworm Jim (in fact, along with Ben, we form Team Narrator! Ha!). Sadly, I'm not, never have been, and probably never will be attatched, mainly because I'm as easy on the eyes as a red-hot poker, and I have an Atomic Pogo Stick obsession. (And now I'll get the others ranting at me for talking down on myself...)

In the RPG, I play Lord Wraith, a kind of Lord Fear character with a little darker undertone (but mainly a comic character), who's the closest there is this season to an overall leader of the Opposition. Other characters are Asteroth, who is a cheerful but insane cult leader type of guy, and Zephyron, the dreaded leader(-ish) of the Winds of the Underworld, and the one I had most fun playing. I love the dark, evil, and utterly inhuman guys! I hope that during the RPG I entertain and/or scare you all to death...almost. :)

Born 19th March 1981
One of the first words I typed into the search engine when I first acquired the Internet was �Knightmare�, and Nic�s site was top of the list � of course! I started visiting the site and discovered that it had a weekly chat, I believe I was the first female regular to KM chat� correct me if I�m wrong guys :) and I have been visiting the site for about two and a half years. I go by the name of �Sidriss� when posting on the boards although I have had to stop going to the chat, I started an Illustration degree in September and I have no computer in my flat!

I was contacted by Adam about doing some character images for the RPG Season 2 which I supplied him, then last year he asked if anyone wanted to film some scenes. I thought it sounded interesting so I dragged myself and my other half (Jeff) to Manchester during Easter last year, and had a fun few days. Memories of the wrinkled blue curtain spring to mind� This was also the first time I had met the regulars in person and have since become very good friends with Gareth who only lives an hour away from Uni! Last year and this year I played Ixia which was an experience in itself, she was a bit nastier this year so that was alright. I also played Foehn � one of the three winds � alongside Kieran and Gareth, now I think this looked a bit strange, my two counterparts are both 6ft 4+� I am only 5ft 4� I was the shortest person there! My third character was Adele, she was meant to be kind of Oriental which worked quite well as I had dyed my hair black for Ixia� which is now washing out in stripes � grumble!

As I said before I am currently doing an Illustration degree, or to give it it�s proper title �BA hons Archaeological Illustration� which has far too many vowels for a person to spell and keep their sanity. I have been courting a wonderful person by the name of Jeff for three and a half years now, and we are approaching a year of being engaged. I try to be a helpful person and I am always prepared to listen to anyone who wants to talk to me, my general interests are Internet Roleplaying and drawing, playing computer games like Final Fantasy VIII and reading. I truly enjoyed this years RPG and loved meeting all of the people I had only really known fleetingly, if it goes ahead next year I would very much like to be a part of it once again.

Born 17th March 1985
Unlike all the other people in the RPG Cast, my main part was Robin. Based very much on a senile idea of the traditional Sherwood Forest hero, Robin was a twit in a green dress and a brown hat. None of the other twits wore brown hats, and only one other wore a green dress - hence, the stark differences between Robin and the others. Robin ran around with a huge sword and got drunk quite a lot. He also had nightmares and carried a special amulet. None of which actually qualified him to be a hero of any kind at all.

As well as Hood Esquire, the other twits I played included the evil kid Meksis, who acts just the way that all evil kids do. This gave me a chance to execute people and use my manaical laughter while not standardising a communist regime for once. I also played a Banshee (the less said about him the better), and a maid (quite a big theatrical stretch, but the costume was disturbingly comfortable).

My personal life is a very boring one based primarily on music of the punk variety. Side projects include the youth club Woodcraft Folk, #Knightmare, peace ambitions, computer games, schooling and, uh, friends. If I have any. Most of the time, though, you'll find me behind a guitar. He just won't get out of my way. It's very uncomfortable while trying to use a computer when there's a guitar who refuses to budge in front of you, and using trains is hell. There's only one way to deal with someone like that, and that's to play them. If I've got time after that I'll try my hand at the ocarina and violin. And the less that is said about my singing the better, because Kieran seems to have summed it up quite nicely already.

Also unlike many other cast members, I am unattached although I have told I am handsome, intelligent and attractive. This of course has led to bitter cynicism throughout my life and an addiction to sarcasm. I am also under the constant impression that as I seem to be living in hell, there is some sort of better life out there. I gave up looking for it ages ago, of course, and have tended to concentrate on more petty things such as RPG filming. During the course of the RPG I enjoyed the evenings because they tended to be relaxed and I made people laugh.
Out of pity, of course.

Born 14th June 1982
I'm currently studying Music at Salford and have an extremely wide taste in music, although I particularly like any film scores as long as they're not by John Williams. Lately I've been familiarising myself with music and video software which i've used to create the video scenes in this year's rpg, so really this year is experimental (although if you ask Tim Child each year of knightmare was fairly experimental since they were breaking new ground). I'm also a lover of games like Deus Ex, Max Payne, and the wing commander series.

My characters in the RPG were George (a bit of a tidier Sylvester Hands), Ambrose, oh and a character you might never see since we didn't film the group. I originally played Guard 1, but after the first take I almost smashed my helmet (don't be dirty) with the broadsword, and after that experience I decided I'd had enough :-)

Many people (and I mean MANY) have helped with this year's rpg. Thanks firstly go out to the cast who helped with setting up/putting away of equipment, script writing, among many other things. My parents for their help providing me with transport and food. A few of the technicians at Uni for their guidance, oh and all the companies who provided me with decent equipment for low prices (especially the ones that let me get away with buying stuff even though I wasn't a company!)

This year's RPG was definitely a major improvement over the previous one although to be honest you can't compare the two together, both during and after the day were very enjoyable, especially seeing Fellowship of the Rings a second time (third for some I'm told). The week was definitely interesting, very comparable to say a year's worth of Eastenders plot :-) just like any true film shoot really though. Oh take a tip, four pizzas in six days...never again :-)

Anyway I look forward to seeing the group, perhaps a larger one next year, we'll have to see, again in the not too distant future and I hope you all enjoy this year's RPG.

Born 20th November 1980
My real first name is Aaron but most call me Forester. My middle name is David and so you get David Forester, clear? No! well tough :-) Well apparently I've been a visitor to Knightmare.com since it began, that being when the Season 2 coverage was as far as the site has progressed. Ever since I've gradually increased my precense although slipped quietly away from the forums. So I've kinda moved on to running this entire section and I'm the one responsible for all the poor attempts at humour here too.

My main character in the RPG was Fr�go Tirac who between you and me is a Hobbit but we had to call him a halfling. It was great fun playing the character and as I'd developed him myself it meant I had almost limitless freedom. The other characters I played were Faloban and Arilannon a name which I still can't pronounce. Faloban was an incredibly tough role and I was crap at playing him. He was supposed to be 200 years old and suffering from a terminal illness oh and wearing a beard glued to your face is hell as I'm sure Matt will also tell you. I tend to draw upon personal experiences for playing parts and for that I had none. Arilannon I don't think was too bad, I tried to make him extremely big headed yet pathetic at the same time so that'd it'd be a character you hate. How well I've achieved this I have no idea and would cringe to see the scenes. So obviously Fr�go was easiest and most akin to myself. Also, if you ever get the chance to wear Hobbit foot hair go for it! Once the filming is done don't remove the hair since it keeps your feet warm and slip your socks right over the top, the comfort level is like wearing multiple layers of socks yet without them being tight. The filming was great fun and we all got along well, I look forward to doing it all again some time because it's almost a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Currently I'm taking a year out having finished a HND last year. I now work for the employment service assisting people in finding new employment. It's a very challenging job and you meet a wide variety of people. A lot of it relies upon your ability to handle different situations with clients. In september I intend to begin a Computer Science degree at Loughborough University. My personal interests have always been primarily in computers although I'm an avid fan of cult television, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy and literature of the same nature.

I hope this years RPG brings you all as much pleasure as it did us making it and please don't punish my acting ability too harshly I've never done anything like this before :-) But then again, who has? Anyway I'm off to go and eat pizza with 8 others, that'll be a table of 9 then (Inside joke).

Born Sunday December 4th 1983 (sorry just had to be different hehe)
I began visiting the Knightmare.com site in summer 2001, which is when we got access to the internet. Looking up Knightmare sites was one of the first things I did due to my nostalgic obsession and the search engine returned Knightmare.com as the best site. I posted on the Knightmare.com forum and visited the Chat a lot.

Who am I? A bit of a profound and philosophical question, you'll see at once I am a person who probes too deeply into things and has far too large a vocabulary than could ever be good for them. And I tend to go on and on about rubbish when I have no idea what to say...Anyway. I am a sixth form college student, taking my A2 exams in June 2002. I care about people deeply, so I get hurt a lot, and I tend to think that people are all wanting "gives" - attention, energy, to be loved...but everyone is trying to get those things and no one is giving them. So people "take" happiness from other people by trying to control them to do what they want. If everyone is taking then some people are going to go without enough...but if everyone gave unconditionally to everyone else no one would take anymore, they could accept. Anyway I'll stop, Forester will probably cut this rubbish anyway...

I played Roenne, Zorra and Lizbeth as main characters. I enjoyed playing Lizbeth most, mainly because I loved the dress I got to wear. It was lovely swishy green velvet and I felt very feminine. I guess girls do in long dresses. I'm going to sulk though because I got killed so many times!

As everyone in the whole world knows I am engaged to Kieran and I absolutely adore him :) I like reading, writing, drawing, painting, a sort of amateur psychology and philosophy (the worst kind). I am Wiccan, and I also love nature, and going for walks. And being odd and different, strangely enough :) If we were all the same we wouldn't have different viewpoints, and then we wouldn't see problems in different ways and we'd never solve any. I hope you all enjoy the RPG and have fun thinking hard!

Information correct prior May '02 & subject to change