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Welcome to the Knightmare Lexicon. This system is designed to be a centre point for any Knightmare related information. You may think of it as a Knightmare Encyclopædia or Dictionary. Though in many ways it is more like a Knightmare wiki in that people with an interest in Knightmare like yourself may add entries to the database for others to find. Likewise if there's a piece of information you're looking for on Knightmare then in thef future it's very likely you'll be able to find it here. For the system to be a success it relies on each and every member of the community providing as much information as possible. Enjoy! logins.

Entry of the Day - Weald and Downland Open Air Museum
1. Weald and Downland Open Air Museum
Situated in the village of Singleton near Chichester, West Sussex, this museum is home to several dozen rescued historic buildings from across south-east England. Click here to visit the website.

The following Knightmare scenes were filmed at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum:

 [Related Image] Smirkenorff landed Team 8 of Series 5 in "a tiny hamlet called Wolfenden". A number of dungeoneers passed through this village - described by Brother Mace as "a thriving little den of vice and iniquity" - in Series 5 and Series 6.
 [Related Image] In the foreground is a 17th century Market Hall from Titchfield, Hampshire. Behind are some 15th century buildings from West Sussex - a pair of shops from Horsham and the Upper Hall from Crawley.
 [Related Image] Duncan found Level 1 clue objects in the open arcade of the Market Hall.
 [Related Image] This arcade is also where Team 3 of Series 6 saved Ah Wok from a Samurai.
 [Related Image] Traders and other characters were often encountered in the Market Square, with its distinctive double-jettied timber-framed building.
 [Related Image] A different view of the Market Square.
 [Related Image] Wolfenden High Street, between the long Upper Hall and the Market Hall.
 [Related Image] Dungeoneers took several different exits from the High Street. Matt and Ben went in the open door of the Upper Hall.
 [Related Image] Kathryn turned left into an alley between the Upper Hall and a 15th century timber-framed hall-house from North Cray, Kent.
 [Related Image] The North Cray house was the setting for The Gateway Inn, where the first ever spyglass was used.
 [Related Image] This staircase appeared in an Eyeshield sequence as they left the inn.
 [Related Image] Looking back along Wolfenden High Street, with the Market Hall on the left. This view was used for the end credits of Series 5 episode 13.
 [Related Image] The first floor of the Market Hall was originally a town council chamber. It served as a clue room for Team 3 of Series 6, while Team 5 met Ridolfo there (and were followed in by a giant Pooka).
 [Related Image] This was usually the last room of Level 1, where teams would find Smirkenorff or the Descender, sometimes guarded by the Dreadnort. The room also appeared in Series 7 with a human guard.
 [Related Image] A couple of teams had an Eyeshield sequence walking down the staircase. Dungeoneer Alan was advised to duck the beam!
 [Related Image] Near the Market Square is a 15th-17th century thatched flint house from Walderton, West Sussex. This is where Team 9 of Series 5 traded with Sylvester Hands.
 [Related Image] Several teams entered the Walderton building, which Gwendoline called "the lodging house".
 [Related Image] A portal "back to the dungeons" could be found inside the house.
 [Related Image] Team 2 of Series 5 encountered Sly Hands in this garden with a well, at the side of the 15th century Bayleaf Farmhouse from Chiddingstone, Kent.
 [Related Image] Bayleaf appeared in Series 5 and 6 as an unnamed inn, with various characters drinking outside.
 [Related Image] Team 2 of Series 6 summoned Hordriss in the garden. This was also the venue for the Autumn Fair, as mentioned by Julius Scaramonger who was setting up a stall with the young Grimwold.
 [Related Image] Bayleaf is a timber-framed Wealden hall-house with jettied upper floors and a peg tile roof.
 [Related Image] At the rear of Bayleaf Farmhouse is a 16th century barn from Cowfold, West Sussex. Two dungeoneers passed this cart during an Eyeshield sequence in Series 5.
 [Related Image] Team 3 of Series 5 paused here to spy on Lord Fear. Sir Hugh stayed behind to fight some goblins while Sarah made her escape.
 [Related Image] The Eyeshield sequence continued past the farmyard gate. A chicken could be seen flapping its wings.
 [Related Image] Heading towards the back door of Bayleaf Farmhouse.
Pickle: "Think this is a place called Greenshades, and that house is an inn."
 [Related Image] This building "on the outskirts of Wolfenden" appeared in Series 5, sometimes as a clue area and once with the flower girl outside. It is believed to have been the 16th century Winkhurst Farm building from Sundridge in Kent, but this was relocated in 2002 and given modern extensions on two sides.
 [Related Image] This Level 1 room, where Sophia met Elita and Chris chose clue objects, appears to be the interior of the Winkhurst building which has since been reinterpreted as a Tudor kitchen.
 [Related Image] An Eyeshield sequence followed the woodland path from this building. On one occasion a Pooka unexpectedly showed its face here!
 [Related Image] Several teams in Series 5 visited the charcoal burner's camp in the forest called Wolfglade, just outside Wolfenden. A kiln can be seen in the foreground. There was an elf portal in the woodcutter's hovel.

A selection of photographs taken by Jake Collins can be found in Issues 35, 36, 37, 38, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59 and 60 of The Eye Shield. Photographs taken by Matt Richings can be found here on Photographs taken by Canadanne in July 2013 and August 2014 can be found here and here.

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