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1. soap
A block of soap appeared as a clue object three times in the first two seasons of Knightmare.
 [Related Image] Team 2 of Series 1 were given the hint "those that incur foul language may have to wash the mouth out", indicating that they should take the soap. Unfortunately they didn't bother to pick up anything else, leading to their swift demise at the hands of Lillith, who required something with which to comb her hair.
 [Related Image] A few episodes later, the purpose of the soap was revealed when Team 6 of Series 1 also found it in the Level 1 clue room. Granitas told them to "keep the soap for your escape", and when dungeoneer Richard was swallowed by a monster, Treguard said they must use something to upset its stomach. Rubbing a little soap on the floor soon did the trick.
 [Related Image] On the third occasion, the soap was a red herring. Team 5 of Series 2 discovered it in the Level 2 clue room, along with a gauntlet and a scroll. The Oracle of Confusion's ramblings included the advice: "Soap will cleanse, but not the spirit. Accept the challenge. Take the word but do not read it." The team failed to realise they should pick up the gauntlet, and took the mention of soap to mean they needed it - a mistake that was, naturally, fatal.

Team 8 of Series 3 found Motley attempting to have his yearly bath in an empty pool. He complained that he'd gone to the effort of borrowing some "nice smelly soap" from Mellisandre, only to find that someone had pulled the plug out.

The ever-observant Barry Thorne (Team 7 of Series 7) noticed some bars of soap on Rothberry the apothecary's stall.

A bar of soap appears as an unneeded Level 2 clue object in Can You Beat The Challenge. In the gamebook section of The Labyrinths of Fear, Merlin lights a lantern by muttering something about "a car and a bar of soap".

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2. soap
This entry concerns Knightmare cast members who have appeared in TV soaps and continuing dramas.
 [Related Image] A number of KM actors had guest roles in ITV police drama The Bill, some on more than one occasion: John Woodnutt (Merlin) in 1985 and 1991; Tom Karol (Olaf) in 1988 and 1991; Bill Cashmore (Snapper-Jack) in 1989, 1990 and 1994; David Verrey (McGrew) in 1989 and 2007; Lawrence Werber (Cedric) in 1990; Mark Knight (Lord Fear) in 1992 and 1994; Adrian Neil (Ridolfo) in 1992; Erin Geraghty (Mistress Goody) in 1993; Iona Kennedy (Sidriss) in 1994 and 1999; Alec Westwood (Folly) in 1995; Cliff Barry (Lissard) in 1996, 2002 and 2010; Jackie Sawiris (Majida) in 1998; Natasha Pope (Velda) in 2003. See the Lexicon entry on The Bill for more information.
 [Related Image] Erin Geraghty appeared in a 1986 episode of London soap EastEnders, as nurse Sandra Marsh. Joanne Heywood (Stiletta) played an old flame of Garry Hobbs in a 2004 episode. Cliff Barry played Jonas, who employed Bianca Jackson as a cleaner, in three 2008 episodes.
 [Related Image] Audrey Jenkinson (Gretel) appeared in four episodes of Scottish soap Take The High Road in September 1986. Her character Nan was a summer school friend of Sheila Ramsay.
 [Related Image] BBC hospital drama Casualty has seen guest appearances from Anthony Donovan (Grimaldine) as a jeweller in 1987, Mary Miller (Lillith) as Hilary Kingston in 1993, Bill Cashmore as a philanderer in 1993 and a patient in 1998, and Cliff Barry as a policeman in 2002. Its spin-off series Holby City featured an appearance by Alec Westwood as a prosthetics fitter in 2001, and David Verrey as a patient in 2015.
 [Related Image] Long-running ITV soap Coronation Street, set in Greater Manchester, has guest starred Joanne Heywood and Cliff Barry on multiple occasions. Joanne played a parachute instructor in two 1997 episodes and a drama teacher in 2008. Cliff played a barman in a 2005 episode, and has had a recurring role as PC Bob Gran since July 2011.
 [Related Image] Rayner Bourton (Julius Scaramonger) played Barry Grant's sidekick Dave Clark in a 1997 Christmas episode of Liverpool soap Brookside. Tom Karol appeared in at least one episode, according to information provided by Mersey Television.
 [Related Image] Jackie Sawiris played Beth Williams in four episodes of Yorkshire soap Emmerdale in March 1998. Joanne Heywood has appeared in the show four times - as Edna Birch's physiotherapist in two 2004 episodes, as a solicitor for Hazel Rhodes in two 2011 episodes, as the registrar who married Charity & Declan in two 2014 episodes, and as a hospital doctor in 2016.
 [Related Image] From 1998 to 1999, David Verrey had a regular role as chef Dudley Starr (a.k.a. Serge Pompidou) in Channel 5 soap Family Affairs. Cliff Barry appeared in the programme as Brian Boyd in 2001.
 [Related Image] Cliff Barry has had three guest roles in BBC daytime soap Doctors: as a shopkeeper in 2002, a police officer in 2006, and a patient in 2016.
 [Related Image] Adrian Neil has appeared in several US soaps: a 2000 episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 and a 2011 episode of its spin-off series 90210, plus two episodes of General Hospital in 2006.

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