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1. Matt
Matt or Myatt as he is also known on-line is a member of the RPG and an old member of the original Knightmare forum.

The author first met Matt during the production of RPG Season 4 and made an instant friend. Matt is a very unique and loveable person who's endless motivation and upbeat manner has never failed to leave a smile on someones face.

He has contributed tirelessly in assisting the group in the filming aspect of the RPG without which RPG Season 6 would not exist. Much of his experience has been gained through the college course he enrolled on which has seen him produce a variety of other productions some of which he's even shared with us.
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Matt also has adopted many roles on the set of the RPG including Merlin (RPG), Farnham, Sumehree and Lance. In each and every character he has brought to the set his own unique style and ability to amuse in an unmatched variety of ways.

Also he's had a prominent role on the spoof series of CITV scenes also produced as a side element of the RPG in acting as one of the core presenters. Once again his unique blend of humour and ability to go wildly off tangent brings about some of the most memorable moments the group experiences.

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It's fair to say Matt is very much loved within the group and is a core element which without the time spent filming would feel very empty and dry. Each and every member brings with them qualities to the group, but none more so different than the innocent incorrigible Matt.

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2. Matt
The discussion forum has received several members who are either named Matt, or use Matt as the basis for their screen name, or both.

Matt Richings posts as Myatt, a name he has also used when visiting Knightmare Chat. (Of course, Myatt is the surname of Treguard actor Hugo Myatt.) On 8th January 2017, Matt was the "behind the voice" guest on Robin Whitbread's 'Things to Enjoy' show on Radio Wey, where Matt is also a part-time DJ. Interviewed about his life, Matt talked about Knightmare and joining the Knightmare community. He referred to though didn't name it.

mattymoo_goblin: Please see under goblin.

In 2003, Pickle ^_^ revealed that his real name to be Matt: 'mum calls me matthew, bro and sis go between matthew and matt, some mates call me matt or math, but the vast majority call me "Chij"'.

matt: A member since 19/12/03, this was an account with no posts, deleted in 2009 by Mystara.

matt-e-c: Joined in June 2006. Acknowledging his presence on a 'frankly amazing site', he asked about the first appearance of Hordriss. He has made 2 posts to date.

mattbarson19: This Matt has been a forum member since January 2007, but his association with the Knightmare community stretches back several years: a Matthew Barson signed The Eye Shield's Bring Back Knightmare petition in September 2000. He was apparently a fan of the bomb room, but not of Knightmare Series 2 ('there was nothing good about that one').

mattdinio: Joined in May 2004, but waited nearly 3 years to make his first post, a 'yes please' on the forum's 2007 T-shirt competition. It is his only Discussion Forum post to date.

Matthew: Registered since August 2006, Matthew chose not to post. His account was deleted by Mystara in 2009.

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3. Matt
 [Related Image] Matt Atkin from Bath was the dungeoneer of Team 1 of Series 6. His quest was for the Crown. He has the distinction of being the only dungeoneer to have been directly and successfully attacked by Lord Fear, who immobilised Matt in a supply chamber (SEE: ESCAPE). As a result of being in Series 6's inaugural dungeoneer, Matt and his team also achieved a number of firsts, including visiting Holmgarth, meeting Ah Wok, Ridolfo, Heggatty, Sidriss and the Dreadnort, encountering a new-style pooka, and conversing with Smirkenorff. Matt also encountered Sylvester Hands, whom his team thwarted with a SAMURAI spell.
 [Related Image] Matt's 37 minutes of questing came to an end on Level 2 when he fell from a causeway, though he was neither the first nor the last dungeoneer to meet such a demise.

Although Matt gained in confidence and initiative as his quest progressed, at first he was cautious and rather monosyllabic. This is illustrated by the transcript of the beginning of his quest that was provided to the Forum by Velda (Julia) in October 2003.

Of course, Matt is most often short for Matthew, a name shared by several other Knightmare contestants, all advisors:
 [Related Image] There was one, Matt Carey, on the winning Team 4 of Series 2. He revealed in 2012, tweeting as @othello, that 'We got killed on the last step but they let us do it again.'
 [Related Image] There was also a Matt on Team 2 of Series 3;
 [Related Image] another, Matthew Johnson, on Team 4 of Series 3;
 [Related Image] yet another in Series 3, Team 8 of Series 3 to be exact;
 [Related Image] Mathew Beam on Team 1 of Series 7;
 [Related Image] and Knightmare's final contestants, Team 7 of Series 8, had a Matthew among their number: Matthew Morgan. In October 2005, he reportedly submitted an intriguing if not confusing message to

'I played on the show and Lord Fear killed me with a fire ball. I hate Lord Fear - I almost won!. He is an embarrassment to nature. I should never of taken that door, we are still regretting it at this very moment.'

These remarks seem to contradict the broadcast form of his team's quest. It has been conjectured that there were made by a member of Team 4 of Series 8 and somehow misattributed.

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