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1. Team 11 of Series 3
From TES issue 11 (November 2001)
 [Related Image] Series 3
Quest: The Cup that Heals.
Dungeoneer: Martin II.
Advisors: Lee, Jamie and Darren.
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Home town: York.
This team appeared late on in series 3, and were the last chance for a winner that year. They nearly made it, too.
 [Related Image] Level One: After rolling the die, Martin finds himself waste-deep in water. What is more, a shark is swimming close by! After some confusion, the advisors safely direct him onto the causeway and out of the room. Martin finds a pie in the kitchen and is about to pocket it when Motley rushes in and stops him. He explains that the pie belongs to Mr. Grimwold, and should be left alone. Motley asks Martin to tell him a joke in exchange for a spell. Martin does so:

Martin: "Why did the punk cross the road?"
Motley: "I don't know, why did the punk cross the road?"
Martin: Because he was stapled to the chicken."
 [Related Image] Motley gives him the spell GHOST. Golgarach's chamber follows, where the team score two out of three. Martin picks up a bottle and a key, and learns the first step: the tree. A dwarf tunnel leads to the fire room, which the team successfully negotiate. They next find Velda trapped in some manacles. Although she is wary at first, she allows Martin to release her with the key. She gives him a clue about the moving wall, and also the second step: the lion. At the moving wall, the team cast GHOST so that Martin can pass through safely. He then scares off a wellway guard before returning to human form. With the wellway clear, Martin descends to level two.
 [Related Image] Level Two: After picking up a pineapple on the spindizzy, Martin meets the Oracle. Amongst her ramblings, the team discover the third step: the crystal. Merlin's chamber follows. Martin successfully calls the steps and strides across the pit to meet Merlin. The team answer both questions correctly and earn the spell CURE, which Merlin tells them is a universal remedy to any ailment. The next challenge is the Hall of Spears, where Martin grabs some food between the spear paths. This leads to a room where Mellisandre is helping Motley perfect his mime act. She tells Martin that Hordriss has taken Motley's voice away after an argument between the jester and the warlock, and so Motley must now earn his living by doing mimes. The team agree that Motley is their friend and they should help him, so they cast CURE. Motley regains his voice and is very grateful to Martin. He promises to come and help if Martin calls his name. After negotiating the cavern range and outmanoeuvring some goblins, Martin reaches the minecart chamber. He calls for Motley, who rushes in and sits him in the cart before pushing him down the mine to level three.
 [Related Image] Level Three: The team blow their quest very early on in this level. After abandoning a destructor in the clue room, they meet Owen, the dozing dragon. He poses a riddle that the team cannot answer, and so refuses to give them any dragonmagic. Martin goes on to meet Merlin again, who rescues his life force and then warns him that Morghanna is close by. After dodging the cobra, Khar, and passing the cat statues, Martin emerges into the stained glass window room. There is a quest piece on the correct path out of the chamber, but before the team can direct Martin out the stained-glass window disappears to reveal a huge full-body manifestation of Morghanna. The sorceress pauses briefly to mock and deride Martin's efforts before releasing her evil magic at him. With no spell from Owen to stop her, the team can do nothing to prevent Martin from being destroyed.
 [Related Image] Summary: An excellent team. Like Leo earlier in the series, they were incredibly close to victory but faltered because of one incorrect answer in level three. In both cases, a real shame.
Score: 8 out of 10.

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