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1. Team 1 of Series 4
From TES issue 8 (September 1997)
 [Related Image] SERIES 4 : QUEST FOR THE CUP

DUNGEONEER : Helen MacNale
GUIDERS : James Knox, Rachel Adams, Craig Toft
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Level One : As usual in this series, the first room was the Place of Choice. Pickle advised the Cup that heals, rather than the Sword of Freedom, so James guided Helen through the Cup portal. They then answered all 3 'True of False' question from Dooris.

In the next chamber, Hordriss charged Helen with retrieving a bracelet for him later in the quest. He assured her of reward upon doing so. To seal the agreement, Hordriss gave Helen the Eye Shield. The shield was used for the first time in the Forest of Dunn, where they found Motley and Melly playing games with leaves. Motley showed them an elf path which led to Oakley, despite the pursuit of two goblins. Two out of three correct from Oakley earned advise on what to take - the dagger of darkness and a gold bar. Helen's attempts to enter the Castle of Doom were blocked by Fatilla who guarded the side entrance. Helen was able to bribe Fatilla with the gold bar, assuring him it tasted "very nice" !
 [Related Image] Eventually, Helen reached the wellway room, which was guarded by a frightknight. By using the dagger of darkness, Helen deceived the knight, slipping past and into the well.
 [Related Image] Level Two : When Helen landed in level two, she was instantly attacked by two small goblins. Pickle was stopped by Treguard from going in to help, and Helen would have met a nasty end had Gundrada not rushed in to save her. Gundrada guided Helen to another chamber, where a wailing monk in some stocks was enough to drive Gundrada away ! However, Helen stayed to listen, and eventually decided it was safe to free him. Upon doing so, Helen realised it was actually Merlin, who had been testing Helen for compassion. In return, Merlin advised Helen on the route out of the dungeon, before sending her on her way. After picking up a bar of silver, Helen met Brother Mace in the greenwood. Mace gave her a riddle to solve, which she did, and rewarded her with the spell FREEZE.
 [Related Image] Next Helen found herself at the entrance to Ariadne's lair. Ariadne gave chase when Helen entered, forcing Helen to use the FREEZE spell instantly. Helen then had time to take a bar of gold from the lair, and make her escape.

Helen stood at the edge of the Dunswater after leaving the lair, and found that the only means of crossing was to be given a ride from the boatman. Helen had to pay a hefty price to him - both silver and gold. Thankfully, Helen had both, and was taken across the water. Across the water lay the Tower of Time. Helen descended a long staircase into the tower, and into level three.
 [Related Image] Level Three : The first chamber included a table, on which Helen finally found Hordriss' bracelet. After summoning him, Helen was rewarded for aiding Hordriss, with two spells - TRANSFORMATION and BUT.
 [Related Image] Next, Helen arrived on a narrow bridge made of stone blocks. Treguard warned them that "something most unpleasant is about to make its presence felt". Sure enough, a huge image of the evil Mogdred appeared beside Helen. Mogdred insisted that Helen pledge herself to him. Upon Helen's refusal, Mogdred told Helen she was "ready for a fall", before disappearing. At that point, the bridge began to crumble and fall. A speedy dash was enough to take Helen safely across. However, Helen was confronted by Mogdred in person in the next chamber. Mogdred began to unleash a huge magic broadsword at her. Rachel needed to cast BUT, but chose the longer spell. "Too slow" said Mogdred, before releasing the sword, and bringing a sudden end to Helens quest.
 [Related Image] Afterwards, Treguard told them they needed to use "the shorter spell", before dismissing them.....

Summary : A bright team, with a quick wit, and a definite potential to win. Still, Mogdred doesn't have many victims to his name, so could it have been "more luck than judgement"?

8 out of 10

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