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1. Doctor Who
Popular and long-running BBC sci-fi drama about the adventures of a time-travelling alien. The "classic" series ran from 1963 to 1989, followed by a 1996 TV movie and the programme's successful relaunch in 2005. Although Tim Child has been critical of Doctor Who (and British sci-fi shows in general), it has a number of fans among the Knightmare community, even gaining its own subforum in 2009.

Several cast and crew members have worked on both shows:
 [Related Image] - John Woodnutt (Merlin / Mogdred) appeared in four different Doctor Who serials during the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker eras. The first was Pertwee's 1970 debut Spearhead From Space, in which he played factory manager George Hibbert. He wore an alien prosthetic for his next two roles - as the Draconian Emperor in 1973's Frontier In Space, and as the Zygon leader Broton (who also assumed the identity of a Scottish duke) in 1975's Terror Of The Zygons. Finally he played Consul Seron in 1981 story The Keeper Of Traken. His characters usually met an unfortunate end: being vaporised by an Auton, shot by the Brigadier or killed with eye lasers!

- Clifford Norgate (Hordriss / Smirkenorff) provided his vocal talents to a couple of Tom Baker stories, as the Nimons (minotaur-like aliens) in 1979's The Horns Of Nimon, and the Tachyon Recreation Generator (a cloning device) in 1980's The Leisure Hive.
 [Related Image] - David Verrey (McGrew / Golgarach) appeared in the 2005 Christopher Eccleston two-parter Aliens Of London / World War Three. He played MP Joseph Green, who became acting Prime Minister and turned out to be a Slitheen in disguise.

- Anthony Donovan (Grimaldine / the Brollachan) played a Space Guard in 1969 Patrick Troughton story The Space Pirates, most of which was wiped after broadcast.

- Hugo Myatt (Treguard) has been a voice actor on several Big Finish audio productions. In 2003 he played Daland in the Peter Davison story Omega. He also had a recurring role as Mephistopheles Arkadian in the Gallifrey series starring Lalla Ward as Romana. His character, a charming but untrustworthy dealer in arms and information, was in the 2004 episodes Weapon Of Choice and A Blind Eye and the 2006 episodes Fractures and Panacea.

- Stuntman and sword master Richard Bonehill, who played an invisible wellway guardian and the Monk (i.e. Cedric) in the 1987 Knightmare pilot, had uncredited roles in half a dozen Doctor Who serials. In 1981's Logopolis, he played a security guard who chased Tom Baker up the radio tower from which he fell before regenerating. He appeared in two Peter Davison stories: Time-Flight as a Concorde flight engineer, and Enlightenment as a naval officer. In the Colin Baker era, he played guards in Timelash, Revelation Of The Daleks and Terror Of The Vervoids.

- Mark Cordory, who designed and sculpted the Smirkenorff puppets, also made props for Doctor Who (and its spin-offs Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures) during Russell T Davies' tenure as executive producer.

- Costume designer Prue Handley developed the Cybermen suits that were used in 1975 serial Revenge Of The Cybermen.

- Production designer Jean Peyre worked on the 1983 special The Five Doctors and the final Peter Davison adventure The Caves of Androzani in 1984.

Bryan McNerney (Grimwold) mentioned in 2006 that he'd come 64th in the SFX survey "Who'll Be The Next Doctor Who?"

Other KM actors have been married to Doctor Who alumni. Paul Lavers, the husband of Erin Geraghty (Mistress Goody), played swordsman Farrah in The Androids Of Tara. Rayner Bourton (Skarkill / Julius Scaramonger) is reported to have wed Katy Manning (companion Jo Grant) in 1975, divorcing after just two months, but Manning has said this isn't true.

Doctor Who and Knightmare have shared filming locations including Leeds Castle (The Androids Of Tara), Bodiam Castle (The King's Demons, Robot Of Sherwood), Castell Coch (Journey's End, The Vampires Of Venice, Nightmare In Silver) and Caerphilly Castle (The End Of Time, The Vampires Of Venice, The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People, The Power Of Three, The Bells Of Saint John, Nightmare In Silver, Robot Of Sherwood, The Magician's Apprentice, Heaven Sent). The latter was also used for the SJA episodes The Eternity Trap and Lost In Time.

Andrew Buckley wrote several KM/DW crossover fanfics in 2000; these are The Truth Of The Dungeon, A Colourful Encounter For Mogdread and The Void Of Creativity, featuring the Third and Sixth Doctors and their respective companions. Ac Velut In Somnis, a crossover starring the Tenth Doctor and Rose, was published by John Elliott in 2013; he was also the author of a humorous scene in which the Doctor encounters the wall monster Granitas, posted on LiveJournal in 2009. Female Warriors, a short scene in which Leela of the Sevateem meets Velda, was written by Roz Pearson for the Obscure & British Commentfest 2014 on LiveJournal. Other Knightmare stories with Doctor Who references include The Three Of Hearts by David (Drassil) and By The Grace Of Gretel, a work in progress by Ricky Temple. Doctor Who has also provided inspiration for Ricky's characters Tom Troughton and Salamanda on the Knightmare Roleplay forum, and knightmaredave's RPG character Morgaine.

YouTube user 'bannerdb' has uploaded a video of the Knightmare theme tune played over the opening titles of Doctor Who.

Patrick Troughton's son Michael - who appeared in the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special - hosted another Broadsword production, the children's adventure gameshow TimeBusters.
 [Related Image] In the 2015 Doctor Who episode The Woman Who Lived, the character Lady Me masqueraded as a highwayman known as 'The Knightmare'. A trivia item on the IMDb claims that this was a deliberate nod to the popular CITV game show.

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