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1. Brookside
Channel 4 television soap opera set mostly in Liverpool. Like Knightmare, Brookside began in the 1980s (November 1982 to be more exact), and was groundbreaking in its field, but was eventually axed under circumstances that confused and dismayed numerous fans, many of whom have since campaigned for an official DVD release. Brookside's final episode was shown in November 2003. Knightmare actor Rayner Bourton (Julius Scaramonger, Skarkill) appeared in Brookside's 26/12/97 episode as a character named Dave Clark, pictured below. Tom Karol (Olaf, Bumptious, Mrs. Grimwold) reportedly appeared in Brookside too. During the 2003-04 pantomime season, Hugo Myatt (Treguard) appeared in Jack and the Beanstalk at Crewe's Lyceum Theatre alongside two Brookside actors, Leon Lopez (Jerome) and Alex Fletcher (Jacqui).

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Brookside was mentioned twice in a Knightmare fanzine, but it is not entirely clear why. In Issues 2 and 3 from Volume 2 of KM (Knightmare Magazine), Brookside features in a list entitled 'Treguard's Top 10 TV Programmes', at 10th and 9th place respectively. Whether this is an indication of editor Anton Benson's favourite programmes at the time, or his estimation of the shows Treguard would enjoy, is not known.

A number of Knightmare fans have expressed a fondness for Brookside. These include Mashibinbin, Drassil and Canadanne, all of whom have posted in Mashibinbin's Brookside thread on the Forum. In November 2003, it was on the forum that Moana Liza asked: 'Who would be good in which programmes (such as soaps, but not necessarily) and why?' Drassil's response was to write a number of crossover sketches with characters from Knightmare inhabiting Brookside Close alongside long-running Brookside character Jimmy Corkhill. The Close's new residents included Pickle and Treguard ('We've just moved into number 9, and I was wondering if perchance you have any painkillers. My elf is suffering'), Lord Fear and a couple of his Opposition henchmen ('I'm telling you, Lissard, Treguard's up to something. The game is far from over. This 'avvy', let us go out and asssess the new terrain. Round up a few scallies'), and the Grimwolds (Lord Fear: 'Oi! Grimwold! If your flaming dog persists in doing his business on my lawn, then perhaps I shall have to do my business on yours!'). The 'Knightside' sketches can be read in full in the original forum thread. As well as enjoying the opportunity for affectionate parody of the two series, Drassil received one of his favourite pieces of Knightmare fanfiction feedback, courtesy of forum member Cull:

'Drassil, I never was much of a fan of Brookside, but...

...fantastic stuff there, dude! :D'

Sketches have also been written in which Knightmare RPG characters including Morgaine and Ah Mok take up residence on Brookside Close.

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