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1. Behemoth
A Biblical beast, large and resilient, generally envisaged as being a mammal. In Knightmare, the behemoth was a 'less than human' guard, clad in a full suit of armour, who stalked and obstructed dungeoneers in Series 3 and Series 4. Save for the unnerving clanking of its armour and the odd roar, the behemoth usually refrained from making noise.
 [Related Image] Cliff from Team 2 of Series 3 was the first to be stalked by a behemoth, though it wasn't referred to as such during that quest. A behemoth pursued James (from Team 5 of Series 3) across the Vale of Vanburn, until it was confronted by Velda and felled by one of her outlandish crossbow bolts. Velda told James that the behemoth was damageable but not destructible (tallying somewhat with the Biblical behemoth, who could only be terminated by its divine maker); however, she made one vanish when she fired at it in a later quest. As if that wasn't contradictory enough, Velda gave one dungeoneer (Kelly of Team 7 of Series 3) a spell (TRANSFORM) that enabled her to become a behemoth, humbling Mrs. Grimwold and Festus and allowing her to break through a blocked portal. In turn, when Martin of Team 11 of Series 3 found a behemoth guarding a wellway, he was able to scare it away using his GHOST form. The Series 3 behemoth had the same build, mannerisms and voice as Mr. Grimwold, so presumably the same actor, Bryan McNerney, played both.
 [Related Image] In Series 4, the behemoth was referred to as a frightknight (a term used in later series to describe Lord Fear's minions, though they looked quite dissimilar). Gundrada saw it as a threat. There was a sword-wielding one on the Level 3 transporter pads puzzle, waiting to eliminate any dungeoneer who took a wrong step and teleported to his platform - but none did.

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2. Behemoth
From TES issue 29 (September 2004)

Series 3/4. Level 1/2/3.

This silver-armoured warrior was one of the scare factors in series 3 and 4, and a formidable one. The creature appeared to be human, but its true nature was something never fully explained: "This warrior is a behemoth and less than human." - Treguard. Possibly this particular enemy was indestructible, as Velda indicated to James in series 3: "The thing cannot be destroyed; only damaged!" - Velda. Whatever its nature, the purpose of the armoured knight was primarily to scare dungeoneers out of chambers by clanking along after them, waving its large broadsword in a threatening manner. The creature was also sometimes to be seen guarding a wellway or portal and, in series 4, formed part of the challenge at the Transporter Pad.

Prolonged scenes involving the behemoth in series 3 include the creature's pursuit of dungeoneer James in level one, through the valley and the Vale of Vanburn, and Martin's meeting with the knight at the level one wellway. Martin had turned into a ghost at this stage in his quest, and managed to frighten the behemoth away by saying "Oi! Boo!" The advisors and Treguard enjoyed this one.

The armoured behemoth was seen far less in series 4. Apart from the three times the Transporter Pad appeared in the programme, the behemoth was only in two other scenes. Early in the series, it was guarding the wellway to level two. Helen II had to outwit the creature by becoming invisible using a magic dagger of darkness. Then, near the end of the series, Gundrada had a brief swordfight with the behemoth after Giles had released her from the stocks. Unfortunately, we never got to see what would have happened if Alistair or Dickon had ended up on the creature's transporter platform in level three. Perhaps Giles would have been the one to show us, but there just wasn't time.

Fear Factor: 6 Definitely a dangerous enemy.
Killer Instinct: 1 Really was only a scare factor or deterrent.
Gore Factor: 4 What really lurks beneath that armour?
Humanity: 7 Less than human, but just how much so?

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