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1. cheese
Food made from the pressed curds of milk, popularly eaten with pickle. A clothbound truckle of cheese was used to restore the dungeoneer's life force in several quests:
 [Related Image] < Team 2 of Series 2. In the first room of Level 2, Cedric allowed Claire to take his "grub" as a consolation prize after she failed to earn any magic.
 [Related Image] > Team 7 of Series 2. Neil found some cheese on the Level 1 clue table.

Team 11 of Series 3. Martin found what looked like a wedge of Edam in the Level 2 clue room.
 [Related Image] < Team 2 of Series 4. Alistair grabbed some cheese from Ariadne’s lair in Level 2.

Team 3 of Series 5. Sarah found some cheese in the Level 2 settlement of Greenshades.
 [Related Image] > Team 7 of Series 6. Chris found cheese on the Level 2 clue table at Witch-Haven.

Team 3 of Series 7. Fidjit offered Alex some cheese that he found lying on the floor at the end of Level 1! (He did check whether the dungeoneer actually liked cheese; fortunately the reply wasn't "No, I'm lactose intolerant.")

Team 6 of Series 4 found Brother Mace having lunch in Dunkley Wood. The tavern monk invited Dickon to join him, saying he had "bread and a little cheese", but only offered him the former.

Motley once called Olaf "Jarlsberg", the name of a Norwegian cheese.

Two of the Knightmare gamebooks include cheese as a food item: The Sorcerer’s Isle and The Future King.

A forum thread about "cheese-based Knightmarisms", started by James Aukett, can be found here.

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