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1. Pooka
 [Related Image] Pookas, in folklore, are mischievous and occasionally terrifying sprites that can shapeshift and appear as varying types of animals, often found near woodland or lakes. They also appeared as a threat to Dungeoneers in Knightmare, from series 4 through to series 7.

Treguard described early Pookas as "dangerous hauntings" throughout series 4, as flickery, malevolent-looking images appeared during scenes such as the outside of the Crazed Heifer. During series 5, one briefly appeared during an Eyeshield sequence - the only threat to ever do so. These Pookas never made much of a movement towards Dungeoneers, but they were unnerving.

In series 6, Pookas were given an overhaul, in the same vein as skull ghosts were replaced by Stormgeists. These Pookas were fully green, with characteristic moving eyes, swirling tails and prominent cheeks. They were given a new sound, a low gibbering, which accompanied them, as they floated along.

Series 6 contained the Pookas' glory days, as they were featured heavily. Both named Pookas (Puck and Falgo) were featured (and named) in series 6. This also featured Sidriss' failed attempt to summon a brownie, which resulted in the manifestation of a Pooka, and Ridolfo fighting off a Pooka which had entered a building. This was also the first season in which Pookas were named as such!

Pookas appeared in the closing stages of Series 7, appearing in Level 1 to frighten Julie.

Pookas' appearance and loyalties in Knightmare are under a status of debate. Their mindless wandering activities appear to be a result of mind manipulation, with some fans (namely, me) speculating on the idea that Lord Fear brainwashed them, although when The Quest ran a feature named "The Pooka's Page: Personal Points!", one Pooka interviewed claimed that his loyalties laid with Fear.

Their appearance, particularly the green colour and the abundance of leaves protruding from the tip of their heads (both versions of Pookas sported this), suggests that Pookas, in this case, were affiliated with plants, rather than animals. In folklore, although Pookas could change shape, their preferred form was of a water horse, often with reeds mixed in with their mane, so this is not too far from the truth.

Pookas are found worldwide, although they are mostly affiliated with Cornwall (like the Brollachan), Ireland (like the Brownie) and Wales (like the dragons). Accordingly, they were seen in all levels of Knightmare at some point or another.

Provided By: Pooka, 2012-09-30 13:48:28
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2. Pooka
 [Related Image] Pooka is the assumed, and now widely-used, nickname of Benjamin Maydon, a long-standing and devoted Knightmare fan, writer, comedian and raconteur of the highest possible order.

Pooka started watching Knightmare around the age of six, starting with series 5, although he doesn't remember that well. He did, however, remember Pookas, and started a newsletter called Pooka Times, which he distributed to his friends. By the time Knightmare was being shown on the Sci-Fi Channel, he had grown into a more balanced individual, and Pooka Times was becoming more popular among his peer group. He also started reading Paul McIntosh's Eye Shield fanzine, and developed a Pooka Times website.

He developed a rapport with Johnny Burkhart, who ran The Homepage of Knightmare at that point. When came into being, he was one of the first people to visit the site, and got Illusion - known as Nicholas at that time - in touch with Paul McIntosh as well as spreading the word about the site. His notable accomplishments include helping to restart the BBK campaign, being a Lexicon contributor/writer, creating fanfics and filks.

His most well-known Knightmare-related activities, however, are his administration of Knightmare Chat (he took over #Knightmare in 2007) and his role as producer/recorder of the song filks produced by Sing Back Knightmare. He is also a member of the Knightmare RPG cast and crew, having played major recurring character Robin as well as minor characters such as Meksis and Isárion and background parts such as the Banshee and a maid (RPG).

The pilot of AegisQuest was written by Pooka, who also played Ward in the AQ pilot and Jaf in the proof of concept.

Pooka continues to perform stand-up comedy (as Pookie K) in real life. He occasionally mentions Knightmare. This has never failed, so far, to make people utterly befuddled.

Provided By: Pooka, 2016-05-09 13:12:11
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3. Pooka
Some Knightmare purists will tell you that Knightmare featured not one type of pooka, but two: the familiar green plant pooka from Series 6 & 7 and the bearded woodland haunting from Series 4 and Series 5. Similarly, it is worth noting that Knightmare's pookas have inspired the screen names of more than one KM community member.

Pooka has been written about in a separate definition for this Lexicon entry.

123Pooka has been a member of the Forum since August 2003. He made no posts between June 2005 and February 2008. 123Pooka's posts - of which there are now over 123 - cover the Chalice, a quest object which no team succeeded in winning ('So, is the cup that heals actually the cup that kills, or is is it just mere chance that so many dungeoneers couldn't claim it?'), his three best KM series (3, 7 and 2), his worst KM series (5), and dreaming ('I remember once having a nightmare as a child where a green face wearing a black hat was looking through my window at me. He had a booming voice. I always wondered who this person was and whether or not I had just made it up. When I went on [], I rediscovered this nightmarish person- it was Mogdred! I couldn't believe it'). He even turned his hand to filk writing. Like many fans, 123Pooka once recreated Knightmare in the home: 'the kitchen table had the clue objects on and people were used as obstacles ;D'

In November 2008, Nathan_Co joined the Discussion Forum and adopted the display name Pookas Rule. His posts have expressed a liking for the Series 6-7 pookas, Merlin's comedy value, and wall monster Igneous.

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