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1. Ooooooh Naaasty!
Regular quote made by Treguard (Hugo Myatt) when a dungeoneer arrived at a sticky end.

Legend has it that the line was never originally scripted but instead an ad-lib which became one of Treguards better known catchphrases.

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2. Ooooooh Naaasty!
Treguard's catchphrase was the inspiration for more than one username on the Knightmare Discussion Forum. Oooh_Nasty, a male Liverpudlian, joined the forum in February 2003 and has made only two posts since. ohh_nasty joined in June 2003 and has managed only one post, complaining about the abrupt end to Giles' Series 4 quest ('i would be peed of [sic] if i went all the way to level 3 and they had to pull us out because it was at the end of the season'). The forum also had a member simply named nasty, who didn't post at all between registering in March 2004 and the account's deletion by Mystara during 2009.

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3. Ooooooh Naaasty!
First spoken by Treguard following the demise of Team 4 of Series 1 after their wrong turn into a bomb room, "Ooh nasty!" was used in many further Knightmare episodes, eventually becoming the Dungeon Master's immediate default response to a dungeoneer meeting their doom.

The second use of the phrase was also one of its few uses during a quest, as Treguard acted as commentator for the duel of insults between Cedric and Folly in the quest of Team 6 of Series 1. (Another was the pendulum obstacle as encountered by Team 8 of Series 2.)

"Ooh nasty" was heard by Knightmare watchers for the third time after the demise of Team 6 of Series 2 in Lillith's cavern.

"Ooh nasty" was uttered in every Knightmare series except Series 4. It's also been spoken by Hugo Myatt in the YouTube Geek Week 2013 episode, on Dick & Dom in da Bungalow, in documentaries and at conventions.

Series 5 was the first one where every death got an ooh nasty. Alternatives we heard up to that point included "Oh dear, what a pity, never mind", "Ooh, what a terrible mess", "I don't think that was quite the thing to do" and "Ouch".

Team 10 of Series 3 got: "Ooh dear. Ooh that is nasty. I shouldn't look any more if I were you."

In a 2020 fundraising video for food distribution charity FareShare, Hugo varied Treguard's catchphrase: "Ooh tasty!"

In an interview published in the November 2020 issue of Suffolk Norfolk Life, Hugo explained where his use of "Ooh nasty" originated:

'Leslie Phillips in a 60s radio show called The Navy Lark. I stole it, although I delivered it rather differently ... It was never intended to be my catchphrase.'

Hugo has also recalled that he initially used "Ooh nasty" to 'fill the space' in a slow animation of a dungeoneer falling, though Treguard's earliest uses of the phrase appears not to corroborate this.

See also: Enter, stranger!; DISMISS

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