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The name of a spell awarded to Team 6 of Series 1 by Mug the Gargoyle, after the team was successful in cheering him up.

The quest, and indeed the season, came to an end before an opportunity arose to spellcast OPPOSITE. It's been suggested that the spell's use would have been to turn Mogdred into his "alter ego" Merlin, allowing the team to win the quest, though that is merely speculation.
 [Related Image] Hordriss gave a spell of the same name to Team 6 of Series 4. They cast it when their dungeoneer Dickon's Life Force was dangerously low; it reversed the properties of the poison that Dickon was carrying, allowing him to imbibe it safely with moments to spare (at least from the point of view of the Watchers, who were able to see the Life Force Clock), and replenish his Life Force. This gave him the energy to complete Level 3.

The casting of OPPOSITE can be seen on the ITV Children's Classics YouTube channel in this clip.

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