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Acronym, explained by Bumptious the dwarf as standing for HOnorary Guild of Gold-miners. The Guild's first rule prohibits people from entering an authorised gold-mining site with a spade unless they are 'fully paid-up' members of HOGG, as would be indicated by presentation of a membership card. Dungeoneer Christopher, from Team 3 of Series 2, found himself in breach of Rule 1, and consequently on the receiving end of dwarvish bumptiousness.
 [Related Image] Although he confiscated Christopher's spade, Bumptious became merciful, as Christopher had arrived in time to stand in for the apprentice, who had "gone off sick".

Citing Paragraph B of Category C of Rule 46B, Bumptious proposed Christopher for temporary HOGG membership. With one in favour (Bumptious) and none against (no one else from HOGG was present), the motion was carried. Christopher was then able to detonate explosives and create himself an exit from the mining pit.

During the quest by Team 7 of Series 2, Bumptious asked dungeoneer Neil for his Guild number. Upon discovering that Neil didn't have one, Bumptious launched a tribunal under the auspices of HOGG and dwarvish operatives.

With miners under Arthur Scargill clashing with Margaret Thatcher's government over mine closures during the 1980s, HOGG was probably an example of Knightmare's various stabs at political satire. (Ironically, there is a photo of a shop belonging to Margaret Thatcher's father showing several stickers in the windows that read 'HOGG'.) And while such satire may have gone over the heads of the teams and the Watchers, it comprised a notable part of one of Series 2's more successful quests.

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