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 [Related Image] A spell that was given out in the final quests of both Series 2 and 3, but only cast in one of them.

Team 13 of Series 2 received this spell after an encounter with Bumptious and Gretel. When dungeoneer Karen entered 'Crossing Room Two', the bridge was broken; FLIGHT was spellcast and Karen 'flew' over the gap.

Team 12 of Series 3 earned FLIGHT from Merlin. They never got the opportunity to cast it, as the Dungeon phase ended whilst their quest was in progress.

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A great many people dream and/or fantasise about being able to fly, so it is no surprise that flight formed a strong part of Knightmare's fantasy world.

Numerous Knightmare characters demonstrated flight, including:
 [Related Image] < Mildread. Team 13 of Series 2 found her experiencing an out-of-control broomstick flight.
 [Related Image] > Bats. Not exactly characters, but they were seen in flight nonetheless, throughout Series 3.
 [Related Image] < Pixel. When she was not lurking in a container or being dropped off a causeway (or both), the pixie insisted upon flying about.
 [Related Image] > Smirkenorff. The very first issue of The Quest fanzine gave details of how the dragon's flights were created:

'To get the pictures for the flight sequences, a member of the Knightmare team spent two exciting days in a helicopter, flying over southern England and Wales. The helicopter, owned by a specialist aerial filming company called Helifilms, was fitted with a video camera and recorder ... Pictures shot from the helicopter were combined with pictures of Smirky shot in the studio.' As for the flying of Smirkenorff himself, this was achieved via blue screen and superimposition technology (Ultimatte) plus hidden puppeteers, who coordinated their actions with the helicopter footage as it played on their monitors.
 [Related Image] < Heggatty. Seen flying on her first appearance.

- Peggatty. A witch whom Watchers never saw doing anything not involving flying.
 [Related Image] > Red Death. Another dragon, who was flying to destroy Knightmare Castle on Lord Fear's orders until a spot of bother with a lightning rod.
Several dungeoneers experienced flight (aside from all those who rode on Smirkenorff, that is):
 [Related Image] < Karen from Team 13 of Series 2. A FLIGHT spell (see other definition) allowed her to cross the bridged vale.

- Matt from Team 1 of Series 6. Thanks to Heggatty's magic, Matt was able to reach a high door.

- Chris from Team 7 of Series 6. Used a broomstick to dodge Peggatty's attack.
 [Related Image] > Julie from Team 6 of Series 7. Rose from Level 3 back to the antechamber through a RETURN spell.
Both those lists would be longer if all instances of airborne floating were included, though they were not quite the same as directed, powered flying. (Even if, in one case, floating was achieved via a flying potion.)

The Knightmare gamebooks provide opportunities for flight. In Fortress Of Assassins, winged sandals feature as a clue object, and may be used to cross a long pit. The pit can also be crossed by means of an EAGLE'S PINION spell: if the player is able to use this spell and does so, he/she temporarily sprouts wings. In The Quest For The Dragon's Egg, the player may receive a bracing broomstick ride from Witch Hazel, allowing the player to reach the Pendragon after it has set sail.

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