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1. Ellie
 [Related Image] An elf who appeared in the KMVR pilot. When dungeoneer Arthur encountered Ellie, she had been frozen in a block of ice after being exposed to Despair's lugubrious ramblings for too long. Once Arthur had neutralised Despair with a PICKMEUP spell, the ice melted and Ellie was free.
 [Related Image] Ellie postponed her gratitude to Arthur in favour of suspicion, warning him not to approach her as she feared his helmet was made of iron, to which she had an aversion (this elvish/faerie trait was mentioned in connection with elves in The Labyrinths of Fear, but never in connection with elves on Knightmare). Furthermore, she expressed doubt when Arthur told her his name, and gave only a "nickname" in return. Eventually, Ellie thanked Arthur and offered to help him, but wanted them to leave Despair's chamber first. She made her way into the tunnels, and Arthur followed behind.

Although she gave a name that evoked Elita, Ellie was more like Velda in character. Ellie, known also as Ellisandre, was played by Louise Milford.

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