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1. Dunkley Wood
 [Related Image] Dunkley Wood formed part of Level 2 in Series 4. It used to be an elf habitat known as the Old Place, meaning Pickle was able was able to tell questing teams about it.

As well as elf paths, Dunkley Wood had standing stones (even though Pickle recalled it as ill-lit). However, Pickle noted that the wood had changed since the elves left: not only was it now rumoured to be an assassin haunt, it was also the home of Ariadne, through whose web-strewn lair dungeoneers had to pass en route to Level 3.

Pickle's people had no knowledge of a lake anywhere near Dunkley Wood, so the appearance of the Dunswater on the other side of Ariadne's lair was a surprise to him and evidence of the unpredictable geographical shifts of the Greater Dungeon.

An eyeshield sequence used to represent Dunkley Wood was used in Quest 8 of Series 4 to represent Level 1 woodland instead (see: DASH).

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