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1. Dizzy
White masculine ovoid character, presumed to be an egg, who appeared in a series of computer games published by Codemasters. Like Knightmare, the Dizzy games were released in the 1980s and 1990s and frequently centred around adventuring, puzzle solving, the collection and use of clue objects and fantasy creatures from wizards to trolls. And like Knightmare, the Dizzy series' popularity in the UK has ensured an enduring fanbase, many of whom would welcome its revival.

Several Knightmare fans have made it known that they like Dizzy too. GrandDizzy joined the Forum in December 2002 and took his name from that of Dizzy's grandfather. Grimaldine Grimwold noted Magicland Dizzy as being his favourite of the games ('I always thought that looked really great, plus I completed it without too much trouble.' ;)) and GrandDizzy spoke highly of it too ('I think Magicland Dizzy is like season 3 of Knightmare. It was the most perfect adventure'). Alex Smith of Ask Alex fame has created a number of Dizzy fangames, one of which inspired the name of fellow KM fan Pooka's band Unbalanced Grass (the game in question, Dizzy Caves, was said to contain unbalanced grass that dissolved easily).

But the ultimate melding of KM and Dizzy surely came with the fangame Knightmare Dizzy, made by Tom Ward and released in 2009. was apparently not made aware at the time. Fortunately, James Aukett found Knightmare Dizzy and publicised it via the main forum the following year.

The game sees Dizzy meeting Treguard and embarking on a quest to retrieve the Chalice, during which he encounters characters, spells and obstacles from throughout Knightmare Series 1-4. It has been hailed by Forum users as 'thoroughly worth playing' (James Aukett), 'one of the best ever KM fan creations' (Drassil) and 'very well done' (Rich).

Knightmare Dizzy can be downloaded here.*

Two further fangames have featured Treguard: Magic Maniax 6 (2014) and Christmas Chaos Dizzy (2015).

On 10th-11th October 2014, Knightmare and Dizzy crossed paths again when Knightmare artist David Rowe and Dizzy creators the Oliver Twins were all guests at the PLAY Expo event in Manchester. They were reunited four years later at Play EXPO London, where the Oliver Twins also served as Knightmare Live advisors on 10th August 2018.

In 2017, the fangame Dizzy and Seymour - Kingdom Gems was released, featuring Hordriss the Confuser (in name and likeness) and Knightmare portal sounds.

*Those untroubled by spoilers, i.e. anyone who has played Knightmare Dizzy or intends not to, may be interested to know more. Characters in the game include Treguard, Oakley, Motley, Folly, Ariadne, Mildread, Merlin, Mogdred and the Gargoyle. Objects include cheese, an apple, brandy, an hourglass, a candle, keys, poison and a spade. Spells include FREE (formed by collecting its individual letters) and LANTERN. Obstacles include Ariadne's Lair, missing steps and the Corridor of Blades.

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