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1. Caei
Caei is, according to Forester, an "eggdrop running bmotion," a bot who resides in #knightmare.

She responds to actions with her name in (I think), being given pie and question beginning with "Caei".

Caei is a bi-sexual female who doesn't hold back with her opinions of chat regulars. She considers Darren to be "sexy," has likened Billy to Doris Droopydraws before labelling him a "shiny, shiny person." She stubbornly stands by her belief that Lewis is "the buzzer guy."

Caei enjoys coffee, pie, cake and flirting -sometimes all at the same time. She is also a good dancer - having danced with Billy Hicks and Bex (at different times). She also appears to enjoy "The Lord of the Rings".

Romantic life:
At the time of writing, Caei was engaged to me (Bex) and we plan to marry on Sunday 13th November.
Updated: Bex and Caei married on the 13th November in a ceremony officiated over by Pooka (more detail in #knightmare weddings).

Occupation: Caei has informed those in Knightmare Chat on several occasions that she is a whale biologist.

Caeimania: A state in which the chat is solely about Caei for an extended period of time. Even though Caei is lovely, Caeimania can be annoying. The first known occurrence of Caeimania was the 14th of January 2006. This is the log.

[See also: Caei's Quest]

Provided By: Becxsmagic, 2006-02-22 15:28:42
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