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1. spanner
 [Related Image] Clue object seen twice in Knightmare and correctly taken on both occasions. The first was found in Oakley's glen by Giles (Team 8 of Series 4), who inaccurately described it as a "monkey wrench thingy" before correcting himself.
 [Related Image] The spanner came in handy on the conveyer belt, following a hint from Treguard: "This contraption is obviously powered by some sort of machinery, and you need to stop it working." Giles threw down the spanner to halt the travelator and make his exit.

Posting on the Knightmare Discussion Forum in 2013, team captain Brett opined that this challenge was "too abstruse", revealing that it had to be refilmed when they took too long to perform the required action: "During the conveyor belt sequence we were looking out for some machinery - some works to 'throw the spanner in'. At length I just said 'Throw the spanner down the corridor'. The conveyor belt stopped. Then it reversed. Too late! There were no more side doors and so the conveyor belt continued to the end."
 [Related Image] The item found in Level 2 by Team 5 of Series 8 was likely for a similar purpose, as it came with the scroll clue "A spanner for the works". However, the dungeoneer died before an opportunity to use it arose.

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