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1. salt
Known among chemists as sodium chloride, and used in its familiar white granular form to season food.
 [Related Image] A large bag of salt appeared in Series 1 as a Level 1 clue object. As the picture shows, it could hardly be anything else. Danny, Team 4's dungeoneer, picked up the salt, and later used it to free himself from the Monster's Stomach, by throwing it.

Danny's escape was probably due to the fact that the thrown salt gave the monster an upset stomach; but even so, there are various superstitions associated with the throwing of salt, especially over shoulders. These are relevant to readers of the gamebook section of Fortress Of Assassins, in which acquiring salt, then throwing it at certain times or at certain people, can significantly affect the gameplayer's fortunes. In addition, salt superstition was the basis of one of Olgarth's questions to Team 5 of Series 2.

A bag of salt was picked up by Team 10 of Series 2 on Level 3, but they completed the level without using the salt.

When summoned to his throne room by Team 11 of Series 3, Merlin was in the middle of reciting an incantation involving salt, ambergris and moonlight.

A salt cellar containing salt was one of the clue objects encountered by Team 2 of Series 6. They left it where it was, and later mentioned it to Hordriss when describing the supply chamber to him.

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