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1. pooh
Expression of disdain. First used by Pickle when temporal disruption struck at the end of Episode 11 of Series 5, with Team 6 of Series 5 having just encountered a voiceless Elita (SEE: BAG): "Oh pooh, I was enjoying this one." There is no great harm, though, in subscribing to the theory that Pickle was in fact saying "poo", as a substitute for a stronger faecal profanity. (SEE: cowslip)

Pooh returned to the antechamber in Series 8. Whilst Majida recommended extreme caution to Team 3 of Series 8 while in the dwarf tunnels, Treguard advised against such anxiety for a new team - moments before a snapdragon appeared behind dungeoneer Nathan. Majida felt vindicated: "There, I say it right, pooh-pooh-pooh goes Mr. Greybeard and what happens? Snap, just like that, ah?"

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