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1. pantomime
A theatrical comedy that is traditionally performed during the Christmas period and based on a fairy tale. The aim of this Lexicon entry is to compile all the known panto appearances by Knightmare actors, as announced periodically in The Quest, The Eye Shield,'s Knews section, and elsewhere.

David Learner (Pickle): Dick Whittington And His Cat - Salisbury Playhouse in Wiltshire, 07/12/96-11/01/97

Hugo Myatt (Treguard):
Cinderella - Swansea Grand Theatre, 26/12/72-17/03/73. Hugo played Baron Hardup.

Aladdin - Princes Hall Theatre in Aldershot, 23/12/75-17/1/76.

Dick Whittington - Liverpool Empire, 22/12/78-04/02/79. Hugo played King Rat.

Dick Whittington - Orchard Theatre in Dartford, 1984-85. Hugo played Alderman.

Dick Whittington - Beck Theatre in Hayes, 1986-87. Hugo played King Rat.

Pinocchio - City Varieties in Leeds, Christmas 1991. Hugo played Lottabaloney.

Jack And The Beanstalk - Wyvern Theatre in Swindon, 16/12/92-16/01/93. Hugo took the role of Igor.

Dick Whittington - Princess Theatre in Torquay, Christmas 1994. Hugo played King Rat.

Babes In The Wood - Wyvern Theatre, 1997-98. Hugo played the Sheriff of Nottingham.
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Aladdin - Lyceum Theatre on Heath Street in Crewe in Cheshire, 08/12/00-06/01/01. Hugo played Abanazar.
 [Related Image] Dick Whittington - Beck Theatre in Hayes in Middlesex, 14/12/01-12/01/02. Hugo once again played King Rat, and was director too.
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Dick Whittington - Wyvern Theatre in Swindon, 13/12/02-11/01/03. Again, Hugo took the part of King Rat as well as directing.
Jack and the Beanstalk - Lyceum Theatre in Crewe, 05/12/03-03/01/04. Hugo played Fleshcreep.

Tommy Boyd (not a Knightmare actor, but strongly connected with KM nonetheless): Cinderella - Theatre Royal in Brighton, Christmas 1992. He played the role of Buttons.

Juliet Henry-Massy (Gwendoline, Aesandre):
Dick Whittington - Gracie Fields Theatre in Rochdale, Christmas 1991. Juliet played the title role.
Juliet had previously appeared in Jack And The Beanstalk where, according to The Quest (Volume 1, Issue 2), she 'caught her shoe on a nail in the stage floor whilst playing the Good Fairy ... and could only break free by taking a bit of the floor with her!'

Edmund Dehn (Gumboil, Giant, Igneous, Automatum): In an interview in 2004, he claimed to have 'much experience playing pantomime villains in the years before Knightmare'. He mentioned a stint 'with Dana in the West End!' though no further details of this were given.

Cliff Barry (Lissard, Raptor, Brother Strange): Noted in an interview The Quest (Volume 3, Issue 1) that he had played pantomime villains prior to appearing in Knightmare. He and Hugo Myatt performed in pantomime together in Worthing in 1995.
 [Related Image] Paul Valentine (Motley, Sylvester Hands, Fidjit, Boatman):
Snow White And The Seven Dwarves - Guildford, Christmas 1993. Paul played Muddles.
The Sleeping Beauty - Lyceum Theatre in Crewe, 10/12/94-08/01/95.

Joanne Heywood (Stiletta):
Jack and the Beanstalk - Theatre Royal in York, 12/12/01-02/02/02.

Babbies in the Wood - Theatre Royal in York, 11/12/02-01/02/03.

Mother Goose's Silver Jubilee - Theatre Royal in York, 10/12/03-31/01/04.

Sleeping Beauty - City Varieties in Leeds, 07/12/05-08/01/06.

Sleeping Beauty - Octagon Theatre in Yeovil, 12/12/08-03/01/09.

Audrey Jenkinson (Gretel, Oracle): Cinderella - Tewkesbury Theatre, circa 1989. Title role.

Jason Karl (formerly Julian Smith, dungeoneer of Team 10 of Series 2): Has, according to his website, 'played various roles in touring theatrical productions including an Ugly Sister in Cinderella, the villain - Silas McNasty in Red Riding Hood and the Genie in Aladdin.' He had his own page on, formerly available here.

Katharine Bennett-Fox (third advisor, Team 3 of Series 4): Cinderella - Lyric Hammersmith, 21/11/15-03/01/16.

A Discussion Forum topic entitled The Knightmare Pantomime, imagining Knightmare characters as pantomime characters, was started by Harvey Towers in December 2004, and may be read here.

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