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1. Neutral
Unofficial designation used by Knightmare fans, as an adjective or a noun, for KM characters that are aligned neither to the side of good (the Powers That Be) nor to the side of bad (the Opposition).
 [Related Image] While some are regarded as neutral because of their behaviour - e.g. an unpredictable blend of helpfulness and hostility, or an adherence to selfish motives - the neutrality of certain characters is explicitly indicated through dialogue. Hordriss was splendidly described by Treguard to Team 4 of Series 3 as being "neither specifically on the light side nor the dark side ... instead he is a distinct shade of dark grey", and in Series 6 he sought "positive alignment with the Powers That Be", confirming his prior neutrality.
 [Related Image] Lord Fear identified Julius Scaramonger, who would serve the Opposition and dungeoneers alike, as a "middle man" who took from both sides. The Gatemaster stated that he served neither the Powers That Be nor the Opposition, and ensured that the land around the Gate Tower was itself neutral. Greystagg expressed her own neutrality by noting the catlike independence of herself and the Grey Sisters.
 [Related Image] The Dungeon Master's neutrality has been discussed by fans perhaps more than any other character's has. Initially he was the self-described referee of questing, implying that he deemed himself impartial. During Series 3 he was at one point regarded by Mogdred as one who "sent his charges ... into the Dungeon", yet at another suggested that he was part of those "celebrating an unbeaten record" of unsuccessful quests. In the later series he came to be an unequivocal supporter of the side of light, if not its leader. This shift away from neutrality has been attributed by fans to factors such as Pickle's arrival, Merlin's departure and the advent of Lord Fear.

In an excerpt of fanfiction shared on the Forum in 2004, author Skarkill had Treguard describe trader Edward Deal as a man who 'all though neutral by his own admissions would shake your hand one minuet and slit your throat the next for a few silver pieces'. Elsewhere in KM fanfiction, the Knightmare Boarding School acknowledged shades of grey by having a dedicated Neutral dormitory, Fern-Camomile.

Many characters of the Knightmare RPGs can be classified as "Neutrals". They include King Tharadus, Lance, Drassil, Farnham, the Foresters and temporarily Gabriel, who was unique in his transition from good to neutral to evil across three seasons.

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