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1. Iokus
Alternative spelling of iocus, the Latin word for joke, as used by Brother Mace when handing out joker cards to dungeoneers. Although iocus is most accurately pronounced "yokkus", Brother Mace said it as "eye-oh-kus". However, this may have been a deliberate attempt to make its English derivation easier for teams to guess.

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2. Iokus
Iokus the Jester made his debut (and currently, only appearance) in RPG season 5.

Supposedly a replacement for Motley, but Iokus chooses not to be permanently alligned with the PTB or the opposition. Will help dungeoneers for a good joke, and can turn them INTO a joke, should he choose too. Can hinder quests more often than help them, but not generally a bad person. Also susceptible to brainwashing spells cast by the opposition, and given Iokus' grasp of comediac magic, can make him an extreme hinderance.

Iokus disappeared after RPG season 5, but rumours whisper in the wind for his return one day.

Provided By: Aldude, 2004-11-07 19:50:40
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