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 [Related Image] A spell that featured several times in Series 8. Apparently, it was a necessity, ensuring that dungeoneers making use of the trapdoor on Level 1 drifted safely down through the opening towards the Sewers of Goth on Level 2 (where more floaters doubtless lurked). It's perhaps noteworthy that Team 9 of Series 3 used a trapdor to reach Level 2, and needed no magic to ease their fall. Nor did any of the dungeoneers who plunged down wellway shafts. Maybe dungeoneers grew less resilient over the years.

Team 2 of Series 8 used FLOAT (having received it from Brother Strange). Team 4 used FLOAT too (after receiving it from Rothberry - and seemingly, they failed to reach Level 3 through lack of another FLOAT spell). Team 5 used FLOAT as well...
 [Related Image] By not giving a variety of names to the descent spells (as they did to the running spells of Series 4, to Merlin's energy spells in Series 3, to the seeing-eye spells of Series 7), the makers of Knightmare emphasised a linear, repetitive quality, rather than working around it creatively. Some might say that the special effect was appealing enough for this not to be an issue. It remains a matter of opinion.

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