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1. disguise
Disguise - taking on a different guise or appearance for the purpose of concealment or trickery - is an age-old practice. Many Knightmare characters, and some contestants, made use of disguise, including the following:

- Mildread. On one occasion, the witch used magic to make herself appear as Treguard, also disguising her cauldron as a wellway. On another, she masqueraded as Gretel, but Team 10 of Series 2 broke through the disguise with a FOUL spell. In Quests 1 and 7 of Series 2, Mildread disguised her voice as that of an advisor, in order to try and misdirect dungeoneers.

- Mogdred. Dressed up as Cedric for Team 8 of Series 2, reusing the outfit in the quest of Team 6 of Series 3.

- Martin Toole. Thanks to a GHOST spell, the dungeoneer of Team 11 of Series 3 ended up in a disguise that allowed him to frighten away a Behemoth.

- Merlin. During the quest by Team 1 of Series 4, Merlin disguised his identity with a monk's garb (something he wore throughout Series 4, apparently over his customary wizard's gown), a set of stocks and cries for pity. Whether he did this to test Helen and Gundrada's capacities for compassion, because he was suffering the ravages of senility, or just for a laugh, is unclear. As perhaps it was to Merlin.
 [Related Image] > Malice. Hid her identity beneath that of an old hag for her 'Eyeshield bargain' encounter with Team 4 of Series 4.

- Sylvester Hands. By disguising himself in a spare Helmet of Justice during Team 4 of Series 5's adventure, Hands somehow made it impossible for Gwendoline to tell on sight that he wasn't a genuine dungeoneer. The Greenwarden did twig eventually. In the quest of Team 4 of Series 7, Hands disguised himself as a troubadour, even performing his own version of Greensleeves. He spoke with dungeoneer Naila, and ironically, her outfit functioned as a disguise: Hands was unaware that the horned Helmet of Justice was no longer in use, and thus missed the fact that Naila, wearing the new-style Helmet, was a dungeoneer.
 [Related Image] < Hordriss. With Team 6 of Series 5, Hordriss wore the outfit of a beggar, and called himself Harris. He also appeared in various teams' quests as a black-clad witch (Team 6 of Series 6), a gigantic tortoise named Nigel (Team 1 of Series 7) and a huge cat (Team 3 of Series 8). Majida and Pickle were often quick to see through Hordriss' ruses.
 [Related Image] > Chris. Dungeoneer 7 of Series 6 dressed up as a witch for his journey through Witch Haven. He apparently fooled Sylvester Hands, even when his hood fell off to reveal the Helmet of Justice.

- Lord Fear. In one of KM's most successful deceptions, Lord Fear disguised himself as Hordriss-disguised-as-Harris, using this doubly false identity to pass on a "Genoese box of delights" to Team 3 of Series 6. For years, many Watchers did not realise that it was Lord Fear under the disguise, and not Hordriss. Lord Fear met with Team 5 of Series 8 disguised as Brother Strange.

- Lissard. Disguised himself as Marta in order to deceive Hordriss. Team 7 of Series 7 used a REVEAL spell to expose the Atlantean creep.

- Daniel. A Fearsome Potion gave the dungeoneer of Team 2 of Series 8 the exact visual guise of Lord Fear. This was enough to hoodwink Sylvester Hands, who rowed Daniel across the Sewers of Goth.

- Maldame. During Quest 2 of Series 8, Maldame was found skulking around the docks of Marblehead dressed as a "widow-woman". She cast off the disguise for her second encounter with the team.

- Bimboid. This was a skeletron magically disguised as Sidriss. The aim was for the Bimboid to get close enough to Sidriss' father Hordriss to kill him, but he magically demolished the disguise, and then the skeletron itself.

Note: There are also occasions on which a character or dungeoneer changed their appearance openly, meaning that the label of disguise does not apply.

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