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1. carrot
A root vegetable, usually orange in colour. Carrots were placed in the knapsack of several dungeoneers, and seemed to be a popular snack for Opposition minions as well.

One of Cedric's riddles for Team 12 of Series 2 was about carrots being said to improve nightsight: "What food should you eat to see in the dark?"

Team 3 of Series 3 found a bunch of carrots on the table in the Level 2 clue room.

Fatilla was eating a carrot when Team 5 of Series 4 found him guarding the wellway. Actor Michael Cule had some difficulty trying to deliver his lines with his mouth full!
 [Related Image] > Sylvester Hands had a carrot tucked in his belt when he approached dungeoneer Alan (Team 3 of Series 6). Pretending to be a hero in an attempt to gain their trust, he claimed that he was known as Coonan the Vegetarian because he liked carrots: "They make you ever so brave, you know. And they're good for your teeth, too." Having already taken a couple of bites, he then offered to share the beetle-ridden carrot with Alan, who politely declined.
 [Related Image] < The next team found a carrot among their Level 1 clue objects.

Finally, Team 6 of Series 8 found carrots placed on the Golden Galleon - ostensibly to restore Dunstan's life force, but more likely just a means of luring him onto the trapdoor which led to the next room.

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