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1. birthday
To enact his team's first step in Merlin’s Throne Room, music, dungeoneer Cliff (Team 2 of Series 3) sang part of Happy Birthday to You.

Julius Scaramonger took a red gemstone from Team 4 of Series 6 as a birthday gift for his mother, suggesting that he was going to set it into a ring.

Hordriss the Confuser had a birthday during the quest of Team 6 of Series 7. His daughter Sidriss visited his class at the Academy of Magic to give him a birthday present which she believed to be a Wand of Majesty. Dungeoneer Julie was able to warn them that it was a disguised Wand of Freezing from Lord Fear.

Hordriss also has a birthday in the Fortress of Assassins gamebook section (see: Hordris).

Giles Milner, the dungeoneer of Team 8 of Series 4, revealed that his team 'started filming the day after my birthday. there was a bit of confusion though and they bought out a birthday cake for my brother [Brett, one of the advisors] instead. we were too embarrased to say anything. can't imagine how that happened!'

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