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1. WEB
In several series, the Dungeon had a resident spider, so it's no surprise that webs were found about the place. (In Greek mythology, Ariadne is associated with a thread in a maze, so perhaps there's a connection there too.)
 [Related Image] During the 9th quest of Series 2, Ariadne dispensed spiderwebs throughout a Level 2 room, blocking off all exits and dooming the dungeoneer. Other teams were successful in evading the giant web-spinner.
 [Related Image] In Series 4, dungeoneers had to pass through Ariadne's Lair in Dunkley Wood, to reach the Dunswater. At the entrance, Treguard would warn teams of the extreme and fatal stickiness of the strands of Ariadne's web, encouraging the advisors to guide their dungeoneer with extra care.
 [Related Image] The interior of
the lair featured
a huge spiderweb
overhead, which Ariadne
crossed to attack
intruders (with fatal
consequences for
Team 3 of Series 4).
 [Related Image]

In Series 5, Ariadne spun her web in the Greenwood.

 [Related Image]
Ariadne's Series 6 lair was 'webbed' in the same way. Only Team 5 visited this web site (SEE: astrolabe), though Team 3 had been on their way to it when they perished on a Causeway.
In the 2013 YouTube Geek Week episode of Knightmare, webs were seen throughout Level 1. It was revealed that Ariadne, released onto the level by Lord Fear, was responsible (even though one web seemed to appear without Ariadne present). The web blocking the team's exit from Level 1 was disintegrated by Sylvester the Jester's exploding bauble.

The spell WEB was used in Series 2 to make a web appear, with no arachnid intervention. (See definition below.)

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2. WEB
 [Related Image] This spell was awarded to Team 3 of Series 2 by Folly. It was cast when Cedric posed a hindrance to the quest. WEB caused the monk to become trapped by webbing (the same 'special effect' used to depict Ariadne's spiderwebs in Series 2), allowing the dungeoneer to escape Cedric and the room.

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