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1. Sniff
 [Related Image] Team 6 of Series 1 picked up a bottle labelled Sniff, containing a golden liquid, on Level 3. Dungeoneer Richard subsequently entered a room with cavernwights, and was warned by Treguard that the deaf-blind creatures would be "sniffing you out". When the bottle was opened, the Sniff gave off an aroma that threw the cavernwights off Richard's scent, allowing him to flee the room unscathed. The bottle was left behind on the floor. (SEE ALSO: aniseed)
 [Related Image] Team 8 of Series 4 collected a clear bottle labelled SNIFF from the Level 1 clue stump in Oakley's glen. They later encountered a wellway guarded by Fatilla, who appeared to be suffering from a cold. When he opened the bottle, he released a transparent gas that overwhelmed him like strong smelling salts, and while the Hun was thus distracted, dungeoneer Giles made use of the wellway. (This turned out to be Fatilla's final appearance, and he appeared to be choking, leading some KM fans to speculate that the SNIFF killed him.)

Neither of the above can correctly be called a potion, since neither was for drinking.

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