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1. Oakley
From TES issue 28 (July 2004)

Series 4/5. Level 1/2.
 [Related Image] Along with the wall and door monsters, this grumpy old tree troll was one of the Dungeon's spellbound guardians who asked dungeoneers three questions as a way of testing them. Oakley appeared to be a kind of faerie dryad who, during series 4, inhabited a large oak tree in the Forest of Dunn. He had little time for humans trespassing in the forest and was very suspicious about their intentions towards the fragile greenwood: "I hates thieves! All humans is thieves and despoilers!" - Oakley. Clifford Norgate provided the mouth and voice for Oakley, whilst his eyes were animated. The whole face was projected onto the tree in Oakley's glade, which was the same process used to create wall monsters Golgarach and Brangwen the year before, and also the door monsters.

Like the wall monsters before him, Oakley guarded the level one clue objects. He asked three questions to test the dungeoneers, the answers to which would earn either a "Truth accepted!" or "Falsehood!" from Oakley. Unlike the wall monsters, however, he did not give the correct answer if the team answered wrongly, and he gave no bonus for answering all three questions correctly. Oakley's questions were nature-based, and designed to test the team's level of understanding about the greenwood: "Those who walk the path must understand the path they walk. We will not abide clumsy feet or closed minds." - Oakley.

Pickle, a wood elf, had a certain sympathy for Oakley's point of view:

Treguard: "Beware, team, this wooden giant isn't necessarily a friend. He has good reason to distrust humans even more than goblins."
Pickle: "Hmm, better I'd say. Why, if you knew how many good spinneys..."
Treguard: "Yes, but not now, Pickle!"

This was the theory for Oakley anyway. As it turned out in practice, Nicky's questions had nothing to do with nature, and then Simon and Dickon didn't get any questions at all! Oakley also lost his rather nice parting line after only two dungeoneers: "Good fortune in the greenwood, but mind where you step!" - Oakley. Nevertheless, Oakley was a commanding presence in series 4 and a very important part of the quest. Without his clues, the team would not know which objects to take in order to help them reach the wellway at Dungarth or the Castle of Doom. With two or three questions answered correctly, however, Oakley was prepared to trust the dungeoneers and give away his information. He was still a bit suspicious, though: "I trusts you now, 'til you proves different." - Oakley.
 [Related Image] Oakley made a brief return to Knightmare in the third episode of series 5 to give Richard II the password for level two. This time, however, he was out of his familiar level and even appeared to be residing in a different oak tree, which was rather odd. It is a pity more was not done with the character in series 5, as with the disappearance of Oakley went the last of the wall-projection creatures that had been a big part of Knightmare since the very first episode.

So, Oakley was the last in a great line, and an interesting character to watch. Because of his unique status as Knightmare's only tree troll, he is perhaps more memorable than the individual door - and even wall - monsters. He was an enjoyable part of series 4, but could have been better used in series 5.

Fear Factor: 6 He was commanding and threatening.
Killer Instinct: 2 Who knows what would have happened with a score of 0?
Humour Rating: 1 Very little evidence of anything like a sense of humour.
Oscar Standard: 8 As tree impersonations go...

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2. Oakley
Oakley became a member of the Knightmare Discussion Forum in July 2003. He has made just two posts to date, both in-character as Oakley:

'hey im scary! say i am or i Crushis you'

'i konw im not scary but i like to think i am'

Provided By: David, 2007-02-22 23:44:05
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