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1. Nightsight
 [Related Image] A potion that appeared on Level 2 of the quest of Team 2 of Series 7. The team chose to leave it behind in the clue area in favour of a divining rod and silver purse. At length, dungeoneer Nicola ended up in a totally dark room, and loud footstep-like noises could be heard. Some undignified and unnecessary fretting from Treguard ensued.

"W-what we need is the Nightsight, where's the Night- ... aw, they haven't got the Nightsight."

Now maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I think he's implying that the team could have done with picking up that Nightsight. It seems fair to assume that it would have had the same effect as a FLARE/LANTERN spell or magic candle/lamp from the earlier Knightmare series. I suppose one must overlook the apparent oddity that if Nicola, in the Helmet of Justice, had drunk the potion, it may have given night vision to people other than herself.

In the absence of the vital object, we hear a more pleasingly characteristic line, this time from Lord Fear, bookended by sinister laughter: "Two-nil, I think. Nice one." A troll has positioned itself behind Nicola, and the quest is over. Lord Fear did what the team could not: he made light of the situation.

The team had previously handled a Healing Potion.

Nightsight is also mentioned in the Knightmare fanfic Everybody Has A Price as being part of Theodora Snitch's 'thieving kit'.

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