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1. Maggot
From TES issue 31 (January 2005)

Series 2/3. Level 1/2.

We all know how much the Knightmare production team liked to enlarge animals on-screen for the sake of scaring dungeoneers, advisors and viewers alike, particularly in the early series. Enormous writhing pits of maggots and worms certainly fall into this category, including the Vale of Worms in level two, and Rodney the Maggot and his friends in level one. Yet, like many of the enlarged animals, these creatures posed no real physical threat to the dungeoneer, unless the advisors were stupid enough to guide them right off the path and into the pit of worms or maggots! The oversized creatures were, instead, a typical example of the fascinating mix of fantasy and reality that made Knightmare such great viewing.
 [Related Image] The Vale of Worms was featured twice in series 2, and was just one of the many uses for the Bridged Vale in level two. A writhing mass of enormous earthworms filled the abyss below the bridge, like something out of a warped version of James and the Giant Peach. The challenge was quite simple for Chris and Stuart, who encountered this challenge: keep in a straight line on the bridge above the worms, or plummet to a nasty death. Treguard described this prospect in a typically memorable fashion: "This is the Vale of Worms. One false step here and Christopher will be feeding them!" - Treguard. Fortunately for them, however, both Chris and Stuart were able to walk in a straight line, and passed through unscathed.
 [Related Image] The maggots lived in green-lit chamber in level one. They filled the pit that used to contain the Giant in series 1, which was next to a narrow rocky path leading to the only exit. This simple bit of guiding was no trouble in itself, but the addition in series 2 of Olaf as the maggots' keeper provided an extra challenge. It was easy enough to bribe Olaf, though, as Chris did with an egg-timer, and later Anthony did with a bar of gold. In series 3, Mellisandre was seen with the maggots. Her favourite was called Rodney.

Fear Factor: 3 A lingering threat, but hardly tangible.
Killer Instinct: 1 I guess if someone had fallen off that bridge or ledge...
Gore Factor: 8 Unless you're a particular fan of insect larvae and annelids.
Humanity: 1 Definitely not human.

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2. Maggot
Viewers of Le Chevalier Du Labyrinthe, the French version of Knightmare, got to see Knightmare's Vale of Worms on at least one occasion. A skeleton slowly rose from the worms, swinging an axe with its right hand, and then jumped onto the bridge at the middle. By this time, the dungeoneer had been guided past the middle and out of harm's way.

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3. Maggot
[Category: Quotes]

'During a pre-recording of Olaf's 'Vorms' (maggots), I remember having to hold the shot steady for up to 2 minutes as they crawled up my arm!'

- Interview with Tom Hunt, Knightmare Series 1-4 floor manager

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