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1. Jasper
Jasper only appeared in the first Knightmare Book, officially called Knightmare, but often referred to as Can You Beat The Challenge?. Because of the time-scale, it is considered that he may well be a character who was considered for Series 2... but probably not.

Dave Morris defines Jasper as "the most ill-tempered of all the Level 1 guards". He has a cudgel, and attacks the player in a corridor.
The only way to get past Jasper is to swallow a potion labelled Big Bill's Beefy Extract. This will turn the player into a bull which charges Jasper down. Any other actions will lead to the death of the player.

Jasper does not appear anywhere else in Knightmare's world, making him a character with even shorter exposure-time than Gibbet.

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2. Jasper
During the quest by Team 3 of Series 1, Merlin was convinced that Casper the key was named Jasper. The wizard, who had already got his own name wrong, eventually accepted these mistakes.

See also: Tickle.

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