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1. Invisibility
If a Knightmare character or dungeoneer wished to become unable to be seen, the more magical alternative to donning a disguise was to utilise the power of invisibility (a word that, ironically, is full of eyes). When available, it was also a good way to for a dungeoneer to stay out of danger - most of the time. Those who made use of invisibility (or near invisibility) include:

- The "Army of the Dead" that supposedly patrolled Series 1's Great Corridor of the Catacomb. (Even if they weren't invisible, they certainly did not appear in front of any teams.)

- Assassins in Series 4.

- Mogdred and his SHROUD spell in Quest 7 of Series 2.

- Team 10 of Series 2 and the 'invisible stone' ruse.

- Team 12 of Series 2 and their talisman of invisibility. When held in a bare hand, it made the user totally invisible; so dungeoneer Steven wore a glove on one hand. The talisman was used on Level 1 to fool the Troll and impress Mildread.

- Team 3 of Series 3 and their "Amulet of Invisibility" (in fact a bracelet). It made Simon invisible to goblins, though he appeared as a floating star to those watching from outside the Dungeon. Unfortunately, this made Simon harder to guide, and he ended up wandering out of a mountainside cave mouth and falling to his doom.

- Team 1 of Series 4 and their magical dagger.

- Julius Scaramonger, who tried to sell Matt (Team 1 of Series 6) an "invisible sword".

- Bethsemane, Sidriss' Cheshire Cat.

- Team 2 of Series 8 and their SHADE spell.

- Team 3 of Series 8 and their Invisibility potion (see definition below).

- Stiletta's use of a cloak of invisibility during Team 6 of Series 8's quest. Elshander, a character in the Knightmare book Fortress of Assassins, also used such a cloak.

- In one episode of Le Chevalier Du Labyrinthe, Knightmare's French equivalent, a dungeoneer used a vial to gain invisibility. This allowed him to sneak across a busy ballroom in order to reach a portal (though conveniently for his advisors he intermittently became visible en route).

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2. Invisibility
 [Related Image] A potion from Level 1 in the quest by Team 3 of Series 8. Invisibility was used to allow dungeoneer Nathan to get past a skeletron without being detected, prior to making the descent into Level 2 using another potion, Risky. It was the only time on Knightmare when two potions were used in a single scene.
 [Related Image] The Invisibility potion itself, as shown here, wasn't invisible. That would've been silly.


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