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1. Gundrada
Character found on Level 2 in Series 4 of Knightmare. Gundrada described herself as a Sword Mistress, and wielded a sword named Slash. She used to own a dagger called Gut, but lost it inside a dwarf. She was well-built as a child, and owned a broadsword. Gundrada was on a quest, with one of its constraints being a ban on decapitation, although she was still permitted to slice up goblins. Although the nature of this quest was never revealed, according to Merlin, Gundrada's lack of compassion ensured that her quest would be endless.
 [Related Image] A dungeoneer would often find Gundrada in the first chamber of Level 2, incarcerated in the stocks or the pillory - sometimes very thirsty, sometimes "jolly uncomfortable". Freeing her would provide the dungeoneer with a guide and protectress for some of Level 2.

Gundrada was played by Samantha Perkins.

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2. Gundrada
From TES issue 66 (November 2010)

Series 4. Level 2.

Gundrada has often been criticised for being entirely one-dimensional and overly goofy, and while I don’t exactly disagree with this viewpoint, I’ve always quite enjoyed her as a character nonetheless. I think the fact that all of Gundrada’s appearances are strikingly (some would say disappointingly) similar is more to do with her total confinement on level two in series 4 than it is to do with Samantha Perkins’ skills as an actress. As Rosey pointed out to me quite recently, Samantha actually does a very good job of striking up amusing conversations with dungeoneers as she accompanies them through the level, and I’d say she does pretty much everything she can with the limited material she is given to work with.

As every TES reader should know, I have a tremendous fondness for series 4, despite the undeniable fact that it is slow, repetitive and a bit of a coast most of the time. Taking these mitigating circumstances into account, I think Gundrada adds quite a lot to the show, notwithstanding the limited parameters in which she is forced to work. Yes, there is literally nothing more to her than swinging her sword around and guiding the dungeoneer around level two in a suitably goofy manner, but I think Samantha Perkins made the most of this situation, confining as it must have been. Gundrada and Alistair, for example, make a great double-act (I always enjoy the “maidens shouldn’t fight with swords” exchange in particular) while her attempts to coax a bit of liveliness and gumption out of Simon always bring a smile to my lips.

Perhaps some attempt was made at times to vary Gundrada’s appearances (putting her in the stocks instead of the pillory, for example) but the content of every single one is pretty much the same, however you cut it. This is true of series 4 as a whole, of course, as it really does suffer from being a transition series – in terms of production, style and underlying plot – but nevertheless, I’ve always found plenty to enjoy in this series, including Gundrada, and I hope that – one day – someone else will admit to enjoying her too!

Provided By: Eyeshield, 2010-12-28 11:24:27
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3. Gundrada
From TES issue 6 (March 1997)


Gundrada holds many memories for me, as I will always associate her with the general turnaround that was series four. I distinctly recall receiving a letter from Broadsword, telling me all about the wonderful new series that approached. "Dungeoneers venture out into the surrounding forests for the first time. Meanwhile there are new characters such as the horrible barbarian - Fatilla, and a new female superwarrior called Gundrada who carries an enormous broadsword!"

Perhaps because it was her only series, but I will always link Gundrada to that letter !

In my opinion, Gundrada was - at the time - a very unusual Knightmare character. Her role differed from all of those from characters in series 1-3. Neither good nor bad, she was an entirely independent part of every quest, and - as it was later revealed by Merlin - she herself spent her life pursuing her own quest.

So what is the story behind Gundrada?

In her short spell on our screens, there was very little time for details of her past, prior to entering the dungeon. Little snippets emerged throughout the series, such as Merlin's explanation of her eternal quest, which would never succeed due to her selfishness. Perhaps more interestingly, Gundrada herself also pointed out that when she was a girl she was "Five foot tall, and five foot wide" !

Dungeoneers were never threatened by Gundrada, unless they were mistaken for a goblin, which could quickly be rectified ! More typically, Gundrada would be a saviour to dungeoneers, as in series four, goblins were rife in the early parts of level two, so an explosive entry by the "superwarrior" would quickly scarethem away ! On other occasions, she would befriend a dungeoneer, and guide them through sections of the level. However, it is probably fair to say that Gundrada will never be remembered as a classic character by any means.

With just one level in one series in which to establish herself, she will always be rather forgettable. Perhaps another factor against her, is that she appeared in a series in which most quests were very very similar. Her role in each quest was pretty much the same - act wildly with her sword, scare goblins, run around a lot, and generally act 'goofy' ! Perhaps with just one more series she could have become a dungeon favourite. Indeed, the part was performed pretty well by Samantha Perkins, who was able to capture the rather dizzy, yet aggressive personality very well. All in all, Gundrada was never a legend, but perhaps a wasted, under-used opportunity...

Fear Factor : 4 If nothing else, the sword WAS very big !!
Humour Rating : 5 Sometimes funny, and at least she tried...
Killer Instinct : 3 Only ever killed goblins, and with her sword that was easy!

Written by and submitted with the kind permission of Paul McIntosh.

Provided By: Eyeshield, 2007-12-11 17:27:07
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4. Gundrada
In August 2009, Gundrada eventually joined the list of Knightmare character names picked as Forum usernames. Real name Natalie, she has attended Knightmare community meetups since 2010 and promotes an interest in Knightmare on social media. In May 2014, Natalie had an impromptu cameo as an advisors' advisor on Knightmare Live, when Mark Knight invited her to help solve a puzzle.

Provided By: David, 2014-05-25 11:44:36
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