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The first spell ever to be cast by a team on Knightmare.
 [Related Image] Lillith gave FREEZER (along with FLARE) to Team 3 of Series 1, setting them the task of freezing a catacombite. Upon encountering the creature, FREEZER is cast, and as the name suggests, immobilises the catacombite while the dungeoneer exits the room.

Team 4 of Series 1 were given FREEZER by Bert, who told them that it wouldn't work on non-sentient objects. Their quest ended before the spell could be cast. A level plan published in David Rowe's Art of Knightmare suggests that the spell's purpose in this case might have been to incapacitate the wellway room guard at the end of Level 2.

Season 2 Team 4 used FREEZER under almost identical circumstances to those of Series 1's third team, having received the spell from Merlin.

The spell FREEZE generally had the same non-literal freezing effect as FREEZER, and sounded a bit less silly.

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A potion which, like Series 4's "Etruscan brandy", was carried by a dungeoneer but drunk by someone else upon the dungeoneer's insistence.
 [Related Image] Freezer was picked up by Team 7 of Series 7 on Level 3 of their quest. Upon encountering Sylvester Hands, who had Romahna captive in the pillory, dungeoneer Barry Thorne tried to persuade Hands to drink the Freezer potion. This gave rise to an exchange that Knightmare community member Thanatos has cited as one of Knightmare's funniest and greatest moments, and has quoted it on the Discussion Forum no less than 7 times.

Barry: "If you were strong, you'd be able to capture us both. This is a strength potion."
Hands: "Is it beer?"
Barry: "Well, more or less. Tastes like beer, anyway."
Hands: "Oh, no, I can't, I promised 'is lordship."
Barry: "No, there's no alcohol in it, so he won't mind."
Hands: "Well, if it 'asn't got any alcohol I'm not interested."

Barry did eventually succeed. Hands drank the potion and was frozen, allowing Barry to release Romahna.

Freezer was the second potion that the team had used to neutralise Hands. The first was Speedwell.

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